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    Me reflejo en tus ojos, te amo ♥️

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    DO NOT READ MY NAME ‼ (You may as well like this comment if you did)

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    Dalipz 💋👄

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    miostorm on instagram from Turkey. For you.

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    Slay 🔥

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    ❣️ angel

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    🌸🌸🌸❤️🌸🌸🌸 Amazing grace

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    You smile like a flower blooming in spring,
    You shine like a diamond on a golden ring.. You sound like a nightingale whenever you talk,
    You ballet like a dancer whenever you walk.. Twinkling like stars are your two beautiful eyes,
    Chubby cheeks are sweetness multiplied twice..
    Your hairs are like crazy wild veins intervened,
    But still they resemble the crown of a queen.. Clothes that you carry seem to be always better,
    Every day is something new, you are a trend setter.. Adding glitter to your legs are the anklets you wear,
    You steal all the beauty and this is not fair.. Beautiful is your nature so serene and so pure,
    A touch of arrogance makes you that much allure.. So tender, so soft your glossy skin is like silk,
    So bright, so white flows right through like milk.. Then the most beautiful thing that lies inside you,
    Is the beauty of your heart, if only people knew.. They'd see right here standing what they fail to see,
    One day they'll witness you as you appear to me.. Believe me when I say that your looks are refined,
    With you I’ll start when inner beauty is defined.. A Beauty so blinding, just don't know what to do,
    All that I can add here is a compliment or two..

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    Beauty 😍

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    I can tell that you are not happy right here.

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    Mignonne princesse 😘😘

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    Nice one🌹

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    Love your pose ❤️🙌🏻😍

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    Mmmmuuuaaaccchhh mmmmuuuaaaccchhh mmmmuuuaaaccchhh mmmmuuuaaaccchhh mmmmuuuaaaccchhh

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    Wow 😮

  • 6d ago javed_abbas_mahdi_star javed_abbas_mahdi_star

    Wow 😮

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    ‏His sound is upscale🖤🎤 ⁦‪@azoz7245‬⁩

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    Epic femme

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    I like :)

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    Miranda vous éte célibataire?

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    @_heaja omg it’s u sleeping! #datpoppedfoot

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