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Divisiveness has infiltrated our most personal spaces.


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  • 5w ago jlustenring jlustenring

    SAD! Some of my Democratic friends don't talk to me because right now I am supporting Bernie who was labeled a "spoiler" and caused Clinton to lose in 2016. There were many reasons she lost and he was not one of them.

  • 5w ago amybass9959 amybass9959

    It started in ‘08 for my friends/family

  • 5w ago paul_lankford paul_lankford

    alienate half of your “friends” by expressing your political views, either way...doesn’t matter. It has become a highly emotional issue.

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  • 5w ago dananddi dananddi

    @jlustenring True!!

  • 5w ago jamalm1979 jamalm1979

    Because of people like you end the Israeli control of our media and our government

  • 5w ago tobeapartner06 tobeapartner06

    Never have. Never will. But a lot of “friends” from church deleted our friendship from Facebook. My real friends still talk about the 2016 election.

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  • 5w ago whtwouldporterdo whtwouldporterdo

    Our political system is designed to divide the masses. It goes back to creation of indentured servitude. Create differences so the masses can’t rise up and create change. Instead we fight over differences that are dictated to us by the government. The general population (as in everyone other than the extremists on both sides of the system) want the same thing but instead we fight over our broken divided political system.

  • 5w ago steveparkhurst steveparkhurst

    @arthurcbrooks just released a new book two days ago called #LoveYourEnemies and I’m really enjoying it so far, I think many others here would like it as well. It came to mind just now because Brooks is citing this exact statistic.

  • 5w ago calgal2021 calgal2021

    You are the only sane candidate opposing Trump. Just don’t start saying the world is going to end in 12 years or that you are for open borders and you will do well.

  • 5w ago karameljones karameljones

    I hope you continue to speak out ... You have A Lot to say ... n it’s Very much on Point

  • 5w ago kreative_d_zine kreative_d_zine

    @fayebrooklyn #imwithher

  • 5w ago kreative_d_zine kreative_d_zine

    Then what are the 5 out 6 doing?

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  • 5w ago russell.howard russell.howard

    I hope you run, sir! I am so proud to be a Starbucks partner @howard.schultz

  • 5w ago kidredcrane kidredcrane

    President Starbucks?

  • 5w ago dpeteisthe1 dpeteisthe1

    @vivicat2020 too late

  • 5w ago jonathanross_4tw jonathanross_4tw

    I cant even talk about politics with my family now

  • 5w ago leyezuh leyezuh

    This is true and so sad. Why should politics be more important than family and friends???

  • 5w ago tylerrsmith___ tylerrsmith___

    Exactly what they want

  • 5w ago dulzura7 dulzura7

    So sad

  • 5w ago kimchio816 kimchio816

    Because anyone who can continue to defend the behavior/rhetoric/actions of the current occupant of 1600 PA Ave is a flipping idiot. 🤔😳

  • 5w ago calgal2021 calgal2021

    @davepetersonisthe1 oh dear..

  • 5w ago the_tech_knight the_tech_knight

    If I vote for you will you make my in laws talk to me again?

  • 5w ago uptownnyc123 uptownnyc123

    Russia’s intention!

  • 5w ago thomas_kellers_melons thomas_kellers_melons

    How would you handle gun violence?

  • 5w ago kalpkhamesra kalpkhamesra

    How about a Schultz - Kasich ticket?

  • 5w ago tessyreads tessyreads

    @transfortrump why would you support someone who doesn’t care about you? Genuinely want to know why.

  • 5w ago transfortrump transfortrump

    @tessyreads See the post I just now posted. It will explain EVERYTHING

  • 5w ago transfortrump transfortrump

    @tessyreads I ❤️my president because he supports true liberty of All. Transgender ideology in its current state is the greatest attack on American liberty that has ever come forth.

  • 5w ago transfortrump transfortrump

    @tessyreads I may be transgender, but truth, liberty, and respect to free will trumps my personal gains and privilege in society. I am not like my peers. I am no victim. Everything about my trans identity brought my life great asset. I refuse to put on my chains forged by the left. I broke mine and now I'd rather choke the left with them than sit under their umbrella.

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    🇺🇸Let's Unify America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Make Our Government Great Again! 🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 Our Hats Symbolize Unity and Positivity! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 #MOGGA 🇺🇸

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