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If people only knew what local business owners were doing to improve themselves behind the scenes 💪🏻
💥While we certainly like our conditioning and HIIT days, that isn’t all we do. Our adults are fully dedicated to getting stronger, healthier, and keeping their bodies resilient, as they understand all of the long-term benefits that those provide.
Slider Bear Crawl - if you’ve never performed a standard bear crawl, start there first. Once you’ve mastered that, give this slider variation a go. It’s a much stricter variation in terms of ‘pulling yourself forward’ with each step and not allowing the sliders to ever push backwards. A great movement challenge that benefits the anterior core, shoulder stability, and active hip flexion with each ‘pull’.
🚨Give it a go, post it in your story, and TAG US (@redlineconditioning) for a chance to win a FREE ONE MONTH membership!

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