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  • 6w ago corinnelegargasson corinnelegargasson

    J’adore julian Baker austin j’adore bisous 😘 💕💋

  • 6w ago oth_naleyy23 oth_naleyy23

    I love this scene so much we really see that Julian and made to be with Brooke!❤️😍 oh god no I'm sure it's Leyton's you want to kill me 😭💔

  • 6w ago onetreenaleys onetreenaleys

    @oth_naleyy23 yep exactly the last scene of the episode, it’s on my highlights „oth memories“

  • 6w ago oth_naleyy23 oth_naleyy23

    @onetreenaleys 😢Even though I'm not a Leyton, I find it unfortunate that Mark and still made an obstacle to their couple💔😭

  • 5w ago gracethewriter8 gracethewriter8

    Love this scene!

  • 5w ago mariliaghata mariliaghata

    This scene is so iconic.

  • 5w ago sad.die_kent_ sad.die_kent_

    Brooke and Julian are my second favorite couple on the show. Very closely following Naley

  • 1d ago amadifavor amadifavor

    Wow! He stood up for her

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