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(snippets from my live video!) breaking down my shadow root formula, applications tools, and all things BLEND. You can see the seamless end result in PART TWO/THREE!


  • 3w ago erin.mills erin.mills

    So cool!

  • 3w ago balayageby.jade balayageby.jade

    Love seeing the process!

  • 3w ago alchemyxartistry alchemyxartistry

    @erin.mills thank you so much!

  • 3w ago alchemyxartistry alchemyxartistry

    @balayageby.jade oh me toooooo

  • 3w ago ryln_hairdesign ryln_hairdesign

    Great videos! Love your style, and you’re a great educator.

  • 3w ago alchemyxartistry alchemyxartistry

    @ryln_hairdesign that is so sweet! Thank you so much. Are there other videos you’d like to see from me?!☺️

  • 3w ago ryln_hairdesign ryln_hairdesign

    @alchemyxartistry I love seeing you work in real time, seeing your sectioning and explanation for foil placement particularly. But just that real time walk through is so informative and helpful! Thanks girl!!

  • 3w ago alchemyxartistry alchemyxartistry

    @ryln_hairdesign okay I can definitely do some more lives on topics like that!! Do you want to see more of a classic foil/ babylight or more balayage-type looks? I do have another live broken down into 3 parts in my IGTV explaining a full “brunette balayage” placement if you haven’t seen that one already.💕

  • 3w ago hairxkatelyn hairxkatelyn

    Do you typically root shadow or tone at the chair instead of the bowl??

  • 3w ago ryln_hairdesign ryln_hairdesign

    @alchemyxartistry I will definitely check that one out, thanks!! Loving that baby light/balayage look. So often I have such a hard time getting the lift and control out of freehand painting, I tend to foil so often to get those painted looks.

  • 3w ago alchemyxartistry alchemyxartistry

    @ryln_hairdesign 10000% me too! I honestly never free hand paint! I don’t like the unpredictability. Foils of some sort are my go-to💕

  • 3w ago alchemyxartistry alchemyxartistry

    @hairxkatelyn I will usually do it at the bowl unless I’m root shadowing! If I’m doing 1 toner (or even if I tone the front hairline another color) I’ll do it at the bowl. I just find i have way more control doing my shadows @ the chair !

  • 3w ago samanthasbeautyconfessions samanthasbeautyconfessions

    Such a great video!

  • 2w ago seanmichaelhair seanmichaelhair

    Thanks for all of this

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