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SAINT LAURENT @anthonyvaccarello @ysl 🔥


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    Beautiful ✨

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    Amazing concept!

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    I have an extremely offensive prophecy for your business so please read closely, carefully and intently. Please become a child in belief and not wise or the serpent will sear your heart. In fact, pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings, this message shouldn’t have any effect on you if it is false. Look for voices of condemnation and fearful judgment.

    In Moshiach, all marriage contracts are annulled. If marriage was so crucial, why was Moshiach never supposed to be married? Why did the Roman Catholic Church say He was married? The enemy set up marriage to escape the wrath of God in the lake of fire. Why was marriage needed for Adam and Eve when they were in sinless perfection with God? It doesn’t make sense. What’s the point? Yet, look at history and see that marriage was used to satisfy sexual urges especially with polygamy. The Roman catholic priest became the deified role that used it for control.

    Why has marriage supposedly been under attack at the same time that revival is breaking out? Wouldn’t marriage be even more popular with revival? Why is it struggling? Also, couldn’t a blood contract with marriage be the abomination that causes desolation? Sex is the main urge of marriage because it’s idolized instead of seen as a normal, human function. Look at the way society treats polygamists. Yet, aren’t we supposed to be fruitful and multiply? Could the “free love” era have been a truth hidden in perversion? You’ve never heard a message like this so take it to God in prayer and let Holy Spirit and Yeshua take it through His Fire, in Yeshua’s name, so be it.

    According to judgment coming to the righteous ones of the house of Yah and to those who don’t believe, you have been weighed according to the balances of Yeshua. You are now required to repay the restitution of your soul and spirit and tithe sevenfold above the debt incurred. You are required to pay the time for the wrath or reward adjudged to you and go to your reserved place of servitude by the power and authority of the Word, Yeshua HaMashiach who is the way, truth and life.
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    Awww so gorgeous, I adore your personality and beauty

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