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February of 2006 was a pretty fantastic month for #jazzerciselincolnnorth: Its when TWO of our favorite people became instructors! Swipe left or scroll down through the text to see who this lil cutie is! And who do you think Jazzerversary #2 is? We’ll share in a later post! .
“I began my dancing career at 5 yrs old. When I grew up I wanted to be a dancer on MTV videos. Dream big, right? Thank goodness I found the magical Jazzercise stage! Becoming an instructor has helped me fulfill my childhood dream of being on stage, helped with my social anxiety, and blessed me with fabulous friendships. It feels amazing to be a part of helping others achieve their fitness goals and better their lives. Most importantly I am grateful for this group of strong powerful women that have pulled me through some of the darkest & toughest times of my life. Jazzercise Lincoln North is my ❤and my home.”
We ❤️ you, too, @chuff1515 and we are so glad you’re part of our #fitkrew! #jazzerversary #jazzerciseinstructor #jazzercise


  • 8w ago rachelhinze rachelhinze

    Oh, my adorableness!!!😍

  • 8w ago jilldsantos jilldsantos

    Love, love, love this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 7w ago aeromicmics aeromicmics

    Ah Instructor Life! 👍 👊 Let us know if your in the market for a fitness mic to help with your classes. Would be happy to help. Love Your Posts!

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