Instagram post by @toptraineroc Brandon Locatell

🦵🏻Max Effort Monday 💪🏻 Deadlifts utilizing the Lightened Method a.k.a. the Future Method because in the future you will be lifting that load.
The reverse banding method starts by choking circular resistance bands to the top of the power rack and attaching them to the bar below. While traditional banding with anchors to the ground add additional resistance to the bar as the load is being moved away from the ground, the reverse band method actually deloads and lightens the bar at the bottom of the range, hence the name. This means that the external weight and resistance on the bar will be able to be more when utilizing this method instead of less with traditional banding.

I worked up to #535 today (not pictured because after I hit it once I couldn’t do it again) that’s true Max Effort!
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