Instagram post by @gypsetgoddess Caitlin Turner

Making more sustainable choices has become a big focus for me and I’m excited to be a #britapartner, because their filtering products have actually played a substantial role in my transition away from a single-use water bottle lifestyle. 🙌🏼
I used to think that moving away from buying bottled, and making the sustainable switch to my own reusable bottle, would be really difficult-or at least inconvenient. However, I haven’t bought a bottle of water since October, and now this lifestyle feels like second nature. 😃
That’s not to say that there haven’t been hiccups during this transition. It was hard when I would forget my own bottle, and was thirsty, but still refused to buy a bottle. Or when I’d run out of water and have to fill up from a tap that I wouldn’t normally drink from. 😬
Finding @britausa’s new filtering bottle has taken a lot of stress off of me when it comes to refilling my bottle, and made this sustainable transition even easier. Now, without compromising the taste of my water, I can fill straight from any tap, and be hydrating with cleaner water than I could find from any company who still bottles in plastic (I like my water and my body to be micro plastic-free). 💧
True story: before this boat ride, @shanarehwald and I refilled our bottles from the drinking fountain at the park, and you know what? It tasted amazing. 😋


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