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@stars_a1gaming 3-3-5 odd Boundary Blitz

#DetroitLions Playbook

In this blitz what you want to do is flip the formation so the nickel is to the boundary which is part of the field that’s closest to the sideline.
To the filed were zoned up 4 to 3. Which is 4 defenders to 3 offensive players in a Cover 3 zone look.

To the boundary our objective is to blitz the back.
By blitzing the back we take away our opponents first read forcing the ball to the tight-end. In which we play a read technique to break on the outside route.

Stay tuned for more tips and gameplay in this years #Madden19

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  • 7w ago godsglory_94 godsglory_94

    What!?🤣 I would have just dumped that to the RB. No ones on him!?

  • 7w ago bellplaysmut bellplaysmut

    The running back is wide open😂😂

  • 7w ago stars_a1gaming stars_a1gaming

    Football is a game of angles , keep in mind it’s 3rd and goal. Your running a flat route to the blitz and boundary.
    As a line backer we bluff in the b-gap and open up at a 45 degree angle to settle up and break on the ball.

    So as a linebacker I’m either breaking at a 90 degree angle to under cut the ball and make an interception which I did.
    If he would’ve thrown to the running back I still take a 45 degree angel drop and break 90 to the boundary to make a play on the running back making it 4th and goal.

    Down and distance. Trust your technique.

    He had two options field goal or Interception.
    Pick your poison.

  • 7w ago avamayamasonjunio avamayamasonjunio

    RB wide open. Nice INT if that’s what you want us from madden family. I’ll hit like button. Lol

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