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This year's #Oscars are gonna be BIGGER than EVER!
People are already camping out... #oscars2019 #academyawards #theacademy #homeless #poverty


  • 8w ago plasticjesus plasticjesus

    Sad reality of tinsel town

  • 8w ago chuckjrcp chuckjrcp

    Oscars suck always have. Always wondered why we should celebrate people who only crave attention for more awards.

  • 8w ago joshuahanna joshuahanna

    Urban campers!

  • 8w ago earlthesqrl earlthesqrl


  • 8w ago br8ssmon15ey br8ssmon15ey

    I didn't even know they were on. Probably not go na watch 🤘

  • 8w ago deadletters deadletters

    @earlthesqrl no... YOU! (sick burn!)

  • 8w ago earlthesqrl earlthesqrl

    @deadletters damn Will! You got me good!

  • 8w ago deadletters deadletters

    @earlthesqrl It's all about my ultra-sharp brain power. So- Watch who you mess with you... not very nice... person. [mic drop]

  • 8w ago deadletters deadletters

    @chuckjrcp Don't knock it! It is the ONE NIGHT in Hollywood... in the warm glow of the Dolby Theatre... there isn't a crazy person trying to stab a tourist with a human feces knife. TRULY a magical evening.

  • 8w ago whiteboijmo whiteboijmo

    Get em will!

  • 8w ago earlthesqrl earlthesqrl

    @deadletters damn Will you got bars. Mad respect. I'm also from Alabama (Dothan) so I respect your mad skills!

  • 8w ago traumaqueen13 traumaqueen13

    Haha will you’re the punniest man In radio

  • 8w ago cloontune09 cloontune09

    7 million unfilled jobs.... yet homelessness is rampant in this city. You can’t tell me 100% of these people are incapable of working.... I grew up here, it’s never been this bad.

  • 8w ago eddieizum eddieizum

    The Oscars are just a bunch of fucks sucking each other off. They mean shit and hollywood is is a dying industry. Sales are down and the hollywood pedos are still fucking kids.

  • 8w ago life_of_spyder life_of_spyder

    Haha, it’s rad that about a quarter of the people commenting on this post missed the point completely and instead spoke about the Oscar’s. You go world #winning

  • 8w ago catherine3954 catherine3954

    Love your sarcasm

  • 8w ago seanysean88 seanysean88


  • 8w ago cell7even cell7even

    @jaibirrd it's because they put a fence/wall up to prevent that....🤔

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