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It’s looking more like a mermaid accessory rather than the princess hat I’m going for. We’re using the craft and activity book by Laurie Carlson to make these projects for our Middle Ages unit. I’m very pleased with the projects in this book. While we took it up a notch and used 100% wool felt, Merino wool top and silk ribbons rather than markers and construction paper, I really appreciate the simplicity of these projects. I’m only debating whether to add embroidery to it or not. I think I’ll complete it first and then decide. In the meantime, my daughter took the paper template I made and cut her own hats using construction paper. If you’re apprehensive about adding more hands on projects in your homeschool, I highly recommend checking out the book series by Laurie Carlson. The books are fantastic for the novice and experienced alike. You can follow the activities as suggested or use them as inspiration as I have done. All the supplies for this project were purchased from @achildsdreamcrafts
Debbie is a valuable resource as she’s often advised me on the subtle differences between the products she carries. I’m using 100% Merino wool felt. It’s my favorite wool felt to work with. The Merino wool top is so soft and comes is gorgeous colors and the silk ribbon is just superb. It’s a pricey addition, and if you wanted to do this project on a budget, I’m sure you could find everything from a local craft store. #pepperandpine #muslimfamily #homeschoolingmuslim #waldorfinspired #muslimhomeschool #livingbooks #wool #woolfelt #woolfelting #waldorfhandwork #handwork #waldorfhomeschool #medievaltimes #middleages #princesshat #mermaid #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolfamily #homeschoolhistory #handsonlearning


  • 8w ago megtotes megtotes

    This is gorgeous!! I want to make one just for fun! Not even in a medieval times unit over here but my daughter would delight in a little hat like that! Hoping you’ll share it on YouTube perhaps?

  • 8w ago mariampoppins mariampoppins

    @pepperandpine I dunno how you manage your time...making all those delicious 😋 foods, crafts and school- did you do a vid on time management and schedules?

  • 8w ago kim.lauder kim.lauder

    This looks amazing. Such soft and gorgeous colours.

  • 8w ago goodtreehomeschool goodtreehomeschool

    Bluuuuueeeee 💙💙💙

  • 8w ago cosmic_montessori cosmic_montessori

    This is lovely! So soft. Maybe you need princess mermaids? ☺️ 🧜🏻‍♀️

  • 7w ago achildsdreamcrafts achildsdreamcrafts

    These materials are beautiful together! 👍😍 I'm going to have to check out the craft and activity books you mention. They sound wonderful!

  • 7w ago achildsdreamcrafts achildsdreamcrafts

    @pepperandpine Thank you for the compliment! It's my intent to be helpful. 🤗

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