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Yeah, yeah we don’t care let the man live, besides we know why ya’ comin’ @ his neck now anyway and it’s for helping @meekmill + the criminal justice reform these people are really a piece a work!


  • 8w ago lt719 lt719

    Super facts and he probably been going to that spa the set up is real this government is the matrix 🤔

  • 8w ago echelon_cinematic echelon_cinematic

    @lt719 yeah we know how real it is when you goin against them people

  • 8w ago thegetbacc600 thegetbacc600

    Wow that’s ridiculous they outta like for this one

  • 8w ago kingly_m kingly_m

    Yea they reaching

  • 8w ago flokmenez914 flokmenez914


  • 8w ago mirkvirgo831 mirkvirgo831

    Seriously, let the man live! Hes 100 years old, wife died a few years back! Shit, at his age we should give him a prize for still getting wood man. Lol. #feehim

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