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I like to say that the hurricane upped our thoughtful living game.  When we evacuated from #hurricaneamicheal on October 8th the hurricane was a category two but was expected to possibly grow to a category three. We had only lived in our home for 17 months and despite having been married for nine years we considered that our first grownup home.

I spent nearly two years collecting handmade, unique, and vintage items from each place we had lived or visited.  Our desk was a small 100 year old table pulled from a small farm house.  Beside my couch, a vase from a village in Honduras. A dresser I have had since I was nine. My late grandmothers church cookbook or my other grandmother's jade ring.  I had just lost my grandfather, the last of my grandparents, less than a month before that taught me to love antiques and gave me a portion of collection.  I am not sentimental.  I keep very little, only saving what I truly needed and admired.  I work hard to make smart, impactful purchases when necessary.

As we watched safely from our hotel room, the eye of the storm pass right above our house, literally, and I began to make two lists in my head. One was what I wished I could have, the other what I would miss but did not need.  I realized I had the opportunity to focus even more deeply on what is important and cherish what I have.
#Livingsimply, to me, doesn't necessary mean #minimalistic, but living authenticity and #intentionally. Our #rebuilding process and #remodel is a chance to put this into practice, again.
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