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It’s up to all of us as citizens to make sure that the rules of democracy are fair—everywhere—because the next decade of our nation's progress is on the line. Join me and @allontheline in the fight against gerrymandering. Join the team today:


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    @jpearlart54 my man👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • 1w ago foreverinwaiting foreverinwaiting

    When I wrote on yours and your wife’s background photos on Facebook “ watch what happens when you let the white man back into the white house” at the beginning of the current presidency I had no clue they were letting terrorist run the country

  • 1w ago foreverinwaiting foreverinwaiting

    , and that is a powerful distinction.

  • 1w ago foreverinwaiting foreverinwaiting

    Some things take time

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  • 1w ago lola00313 lola00313

    Worthless president ever !!!

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  • 1w ago capitalism1 capitalism1

    This was a disaster

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  • 1w ago veronicankatya veronicankatya

    God is the one who put you in leadership, you have done what it takes. God bless you. Amen.

  • 1w ago briant.thompson briant.thompson

    I just had to Find a place or picture to say this, No matter what I say Or People say, you did serve your 8 years. I didn't vote at that time and now I really want to get involved. I voted the last time around for like Local Government. I used the Calculator and I voted. I'm a Republican, My Family is. I'm with the Donald J. Trump Delegation. It's not your totally your Fault, people don't get involved.

  • 1w ago callme_holden callme_holden

    Is up to us Citizens to make sure noncitizens can vote. Yeah let’s rig our republic!

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    I hope i can plant a virtual tree. Showing about things u wear and me! I ll spend my times with things for matter in a world for ia am choosing for better. I am inviting u to be my member“ please send a message, remember!?....

  • 2d ago dannyelsela dannyelsela

    I ve tink tats not the right “paper,“ hope u belive in me later!

  • 2d ago dannyelsela dannyelsela

    Maybee iam not a number whitch stopped before i roll on

  • 2d ago dannyelsela dannyelsela

    I hope mr.H.Obama,u bless a piece of ur great heart,for a little drummer, to spend some little time

  • 2d ago dannyelsela dannyelsela

    I dont know wich person i quest for my own little life riddle,to come along.

  • 2d ago dannyelsela dannyelsela

    I will start to release my life against our world

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    P.. 69.l.m9

  • 1d ago khalenya_93 khalenya_93

    K 80 o0

  • 1d ago khalenya_93 khalenya_93

    L o

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    you mightve been made in a lab bro...or something else bro...its deep bro

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