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Bad on the accountability posts but still trucking along...πŸš›πŸš›πŸš› #transform20 #truckingalong


  • 8w ago bariising_healthfully_yours bariising_healthfully_yours

    Thoughts on the program?

  • 8w ago wellness.tess wellness.tess

    @bariising_healthfully_yours I like the 20 minutes. Pretty much all cardio (IMO). I used it for a mental push to get back in to a routine...and it was perfect for that. Very challenging moves...but I just modified. I did not change my eating so I did not lose/gain weight....but that is OK because it was not my goal. I just needed to work on my mindset. For that....I liked it!

  • 8w ago connie_orange connie_orange


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