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“Now we know where we’re going baby.. we can lay back enjoy the ride... “


  • 5w ago escrevobia escrevobia

    Love you

  • 5w ago __jackiechan__ __jackiechan__

    Must listen

  • 5w ago imogen_moro imogen_moro

    @maddypugs mine ain’t

  • 5w ago maya.solo maya.solo

    @camillaluddington thank you for being you! You are my idol and I want to be just like you! Thanks for being my inspiration and inspired my goal to go to Hollywood one day! 💓

  • 5w ago hannah.zandi hannah.zandi

    Solid 🙌🏼

  • 5w ago blitzen44 blitzen44

    I know the secret meaning!!!

  • 5w ago smcveen05 smcveen05


  • 5w ago mariacarolinacavalcante26 mariacarolinacavalcante26

    I Love you❤️

  • 5w ago _meili_harmony_ _meili_harmony_

    Hey you probably won't see this but might as well give it a chance. I'm a 16 yr old girl who fell in love with greys anatomy, and I just finished watching you and Alex getting married, so the very last episode of season 14. That was so cute. I know its acting and stuff but you just seem amazing in real life as you are acting. I really like you. I really want to meet you. You're my favorite person on greys anatomy. You've gone through alot throughout the seasons and i always cried when something Bad or sad happened You inspire me. The episode where you filed a divorce against paul and he showed up at the hospital, you wanted to fight and not be protected by someone or whatever, that inspired me to be brave and be myself and not to be afraid. I'm the type who's so freaking insecure and shy and awkward and cares about what everyone thinks and Is very sensitive but you just made half of them go away. thank you!!! I love you so much, youre my new favorite idol. I really want to meet you so bad and I really Want to see season 15 but I cant because i don't use my tv cuz my sibling plays fortnite 24/7. Thanks for everything and you and Alex omg!! You'd make the perfect couple if you guys actually dated in real life. I actually hope you see this because I love you so so so much. Like I'm gonna rewatch greys anatomy just to pay attention to you. You're a wonderful actor and person in general. Much love Camilla(Jo Wilson)❤❤❤❤ @camillaluddington

  • 5w ago _meili_harmony_ _meili_harmony_


  • 5w ago refugecamilla refugecamilla


  • 5w ago refugecamilla refugecamilla

    I love you so much, angel. thank you for making me happy 💘

  • 5w ago xx_._kayla_._x xx_._kayla_._x


  • 5w ago bookrecosfromcelebs bookrecosfromcelebs

    What are you reading these days?!📚📖

  • 5w ago _.nal4uz._ _.nal4uz._

    Love you❤

  • 5w ago aldomacd aldomacd

    Hello 2005 haha. When broadband takes 15 years to travel across the Atlantic

  • 5w ago aldomacd aldomacd

    Amazing song though still a great song. For all the young uns give them a listen

  • 5w ago prosecco_mammy prosecco_mammy

    Seen these live in 1998 👌🏻

  • 5w ago lyrical.ly3 lyrical.ly3

    This song it almost as hot as you 🔥

  • 5w ago tecuidocamilla tecuidocamilla

    I Love you 💕
    Thanks for keeping me here, things are happening, and you're the only one that keeps me alive🤧

  • 5w ago nymike51 nymike51

    You're so awesome. I fell in love with you as Lara Croft lol 🤣 Anyways.... Love ya Camilla!!!

  • 5w ago justmisshannah justmisshannah

    What a song!

  • 5w ago amy.vince87 amy.vince87

    This was the first album I ever owned!!

  • 5w ago liv.pendleton liv.pendleton

    Yes!!! 🙌🏻 one of my favourites!!

  • 5w ago collettelouiseellis collettelouiseellis

    @camillaluddington I had completely forgotten that I love this song! 🎵 😃

  • 5w ago cher9979 cher9979

    Quality album 👌🏻

  • 5w ago martina_dascoli martina_dascoli

    Tonight.... Grey's Anatomy is baaaaakk💘💘💘🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 5w ago anastasia_karpathaki anastasia_karpathaki

    @camillaluddington top!!!

  • 5w ago kaeleegrace kaeleegrace


  • 5w ago madameaudela madameaudela

    Is this a subtle way to say everything's ready for the wedding? :)

  • 5w ago multistar multistar

    Oh my god this takes me back 😍

  • 5w ago enterrandomusername enterrandomusername

    Ahh the 90’s and John Squire, what a guitarist 👌

  • 5w ago ravensanatomyoc19 ravensanatomyoc19


  • 5w ago goncalomanuelcupertino goncalomanuelcupertino

    Cathegorical Imperative is a / the true Law!...

  • 5w ago sillabeeboujee sillabeeboujee


  • 5w ago sophiadourdoulakis sophiadourdoulakis

    @maddypugs i don’t think anybody’s was

  • 5w ago nichestuff nichestuff

    Follow my account for daily niche memes 💕✨
    @like_xbox @yogi.mp4s @bot.r22 @like_viral @iniigani @like_mp4 @omg_tag @this_tag @egg_tag

  • 4w ago pia_sarpei pia_sarpei

    love those shades

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