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Bilingual kids tips.
If you want to raise a bilingual child I suggest you to follow a few steps.
Speak with your child at home only 1 language until he/she will be able to talk to you in this language. Husband can speak to baby in another language.Baby’s brain can recognize differences in languages since they are born and their brain adjusts to understand certain people in certain language.For example if mom speaks Russian and father speaks French child’s brain automatically will be recognizing what language he/she should use in order to communicate with the person. Of course it won’t happen in one day. It’s a long process and hard work. Your child at certain age might refuse talking to you your language because his/her friends/classmates speaks English for example but you should never give up and be persistent!
1. Since the day your baby is born talk to him/her in the desirable/native language. Do not skip days/weeks on talking other language because he/she will get confused.
2. Allow watching appropriate movies only in that language you want your baby to learn
3. Give books and toys that related to that language you speak
4. If your child responds you in English when you asking something for example in Spanish pretend that you don’t understand and continue asking the same thing in your language.
5. If your child came to another country which speaks foreign language and you planning to stay for living, don’t worry he/she will learn the language fast just because of the circumstances he/she is in.
6. If your child speaks 2 languages and returns to your homeland for unknown amount of time and you don’t know if you will ever come back to the country you left, then you should start to speak to your child not your native language at home but the language he/she might loose without practicing it.
@virsaviya_art_heart can speak,write and read in Russian,Im talking to my son only in Russian as well💁🏼‍♀️Please leave your questions here in comments if you have any🥰
God bless everyone 🙌🏻🙏🏾✝️
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  • 5w ago dariborun dariborun

    @mancillas_ingrid he speak English since he feel comfortable speaking it but sometimes he speaks creole

  • 5w ago dariborun dariborun

    @samanthastarling as I said in my post baby’s brain will recognize different languages and will know that mom speak Russian and speak English and auntie speaks Spanish for example and will be respond them in those languages, they can learn a lot of languages since they are born. Also if kids will learn any foreign language before the age of puberty they most likely will not have any accent in any of the languages they speak. as long as one parent speaks English with the child and another speaks Russian and grandma speaks German for example they will learn anything. So the baby will be growing talking to me russian and to dad in English. I hope I explained correctly

  • 5w ago dariborun dariborun

    @joanna.m.99 sure I never said they will get confused because of the second language. I actually said they will learn and recognize different languages. I said that if you speak French for example with your child don’t skip days or weeks on speaking it, be persistent otherwise child will get confused. Of course if you taking to a big child who already established both languages then you can speak whatever you want to but in the learning process you should speak only French to let him/her learn and your husband for example German and the country language will be learned automatically later on because of the school and people around. The brain of the baby will be triggered to respond to a certain person on certain language and it’s could be easily up to 6 languages. I learned in in my psychological classes.

  • 5w ago brigitte.jpg brigitte.jpg

    @whatdoyoumina I am half Persian and my dad doesn’t speak Farsi so I didn’t really learn Farsi well 😞

  • 5w ago samanthastarling samanthastarling

    @dariborun oh yes ok I get it

  • 5w ago bonnie.yard bonnie.yard

    @tamikayard read this

  • 5w ago paulinabatalla paulinabatalla

    @dariborun I am total agree with you
    I have 2 little girls of 8 and 5 years they were born in South Africa, I am from Colombia my husband from Italy 🇮🇹 so I only speak to them in Spanish my husband Italian and they go to the French school so they speak 4 languages. Why French? we are diolomatics and we change every 4 years of destiny, we decided that they followed a European education and the French as a study method we liked sand the baby is from Congo and live with us.
    So in my homo we speak 4 fluid languages ​​without mixing them.
    But the more important are communication between them are in our mother language.
    when they travel to our countries of origin, they do not have communication problems.
    Now we are living in Peru 🇵🇪

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  • 5w ago jacklyn.sams jacklyn.sams

    I grew up speaking English and German my family would speak both so I still mix up English and German words I live in the USA so people get so confused

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    Linda florzinha 😍❤

  • 5w ago emmynicoles emmynicoles

    That’s awesome! One day when I have a child, I want them to be bilingual as well! I am bilingual myself and I actually picked up Mandarin Chinese really quick at 4 when I moved to China! I hope to pass it on to my kid!

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    De szép vagy

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    De szép vagy

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    She is simply so beautiful 💓💜💗

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    Check this @jaros123

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    love you

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    love you lots

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  • 5w ago whatdoyoumina whatdoyoumina

    @brigitte.jpg its definitely much harder for families where both parents don't speak the same language. It's never too late to start learning!

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    Your daughter is the prettiest girl in the world. May God continue to bless her❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Hermosa 😄💞 Dios te bendiga siempre 🙏saluditos desde 🇨🇴

  • 5w ago izzy829 izzy829

    Wouldn't it be difficult if rhe only communication with child is me alone? There isnt any other family members around to speak or hear the language spoken.

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    We speak English Monday - Thursday and Greek Friday - weekend. Works well for us! I think it's called the "Time and Place" method. 😊

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    Как же она мне нравится !🙈😍 Оочень милая, красивая и нежная Ваша доченька ! )))❤️

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    Very beautiful girl😘

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    I love her 😍💕👍

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