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I was revisiting some of my old artwork and felt inspired to spice up one of my corrugated art pieces! The original (second image) is black marker and white charcoal on cardboard. My revisions involved sanding and erasing the white charcoal off of the outer most layer of cardboard and painting over it with two coats of emerald green acrylic paint. I extended the acrylic onto the surface ridges of the corrugated layer. I used a dark green copic marker on the lower part of the corrugated layer and the bottom layer of the cardboard. I decided to include a collage of symbols/doodles on the outer layer of cardboard in white gel pen. I also noticed that this piece was mounted on another layer of cardboard with its corrugated layer running perpendicular to the top piece... I decided to use the horizontal corrugated layer as the background. This is a piece done from an original photograph of an original character designed and embodied by one of my closest friends @moth_fairy . The original character is named Halessa, she is a beautiful and deadly warrior ex-Princess of an island nation. Thank you so much for letting me depict your concept, I hope I brought her to life and did her justice ❤

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