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Very traditional Edo (old Tokyo) style senbei (rice crackers) made in Aoto, Katsushika ward, Tokyo - real “shitamachi” Tokyo. The formed crackers are dried in the sun until hard on the roof, which is lined with goza (straw mats). The proprietor, who is in his 80s, climbs up there with a ladder several times a day to turn the crackers over so they dry evenly. Once dry they are cooked until crispy on a charcoal grill, and brushed with dark soy sauce near the end. What makes them Edo style is the hard, crispy texture and the dark soy sauce.
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  • 2w ago yukino.htta yukino.htta


  • 2w ago dusty0731 dusty0731

    Amazing. They look delicious. I wish my parents had bought some when we were in Japan in the '90s.

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  • 2w ago kasiadz kasiadz

    I tried them - or a very similar sort of in '96, when I visited Tokyo first time. A grandmother of my friend was fond of these crackers.

  • 2w ago starlights86 starlights86

    Wow looks good and made with love and care 👍❤️

  • 2w ago konekochan247 konekochan247

    these are a favourite of mine and evoke many happy memories of time spent with my hahaue and auntie in tokyo.

  • 2w ago amanda77kr amanda77kr

    Sounds delicious

  • 1w ago bakabakajiro bakabakajiro


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