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Excited to finally share the news! Our movie is being distributed in June. Making a movie about friendship with some of my best friends in the most beautiful country was the experience of a lifetime. I could not be more happy for @SethGreen who was inspired by Thailand to make this loving film. Can’t wait to share it with you all.


  • 5w ago lydiahearst lydiahearst


  • 5w ago ericblackmon ericblackmon

    You’re so good in this movie! Can’t wait for your next projects.

  • 5w ago redherington redherington

    Yes!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • 5w ago alisonhaislip alisonhaislip


  • 5w ago brendasong brendasong

    Yes yes yes yes!!!

  • 5w ago michelemorrow michelemorrow

    Congrats, guys!! This is awesome!!

  • 5w ago realjgo realjgo

    So exciting!!! Congratssss πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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  • 5w ago fiveofpentacles fiveofpentacles

    I'm already standing in line! Also, it's raining and I have to pee.

  • 5w ago mobiledee127 mobiledee127

    So excited & happy for you all! I’ve been waiting, eagerly anticipating @sethgreen @claregrant @hopeyoulikeawesome !!!

  • 5w ago maggiekreamer maggiekreamer

    So excited! Can't wait to see it!πŸ’•

  • 5w ago dannychester4 dannychester4

    Vai estrear no Brasil?@claregrant

  • 5w ago zazzfabulo zazzfabulo


  • 5w ago joelaron joelaron

    I can’t wait to see!!! ❀️

  • 5w ago marcydora marcydora


  • 5w ago djdouglas386 djdouglas386

    @claregrant (in Chris Farley voice) he is one fine piece of ass, of course, I would know from personal experience.

  • 5w ago thelaurenobrien thelaurenobrien

    So happy for you!

  • 5w ago carol_shiu carol_shiu

    Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸΎ

  • 5w ago claregrant claregrant

    @fiveofpentacles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 5w ago claregrant claregrant

    @brendasong I love you foreverrrrr

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  • 5w ago leslykahn leslykahn

    ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ So happy!!!!

  • 5w ago truecolormix truecolormix

    @schmelia @kashell2000 @kyatapii film I worked ridiculously hard on.

  • 5w ago kyatapii kyatapii

    @truecolormix "I wish I could talk about the impressive actors or the great cinematography, but I barely remember it. I was just so captured by the spectacular editing of this film that literally every other thing about it is dull in comparison." -- New York Times 2019

  • 5w ago truecolormix truecolormix

    @kyatapii hahahahaha ❀️

  • 5w ago kashell2000 kashell2000

    @truecolormix can’t wait to see it!!!!

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  • 5w ago geebeejean geebeejean

    Any chances to watch it in France ?

  • 5w ago bonniegrrl bonniegrrl

    Congrats!!!!! 😍😍😍

  • 5w ago rupe97 rupe97

    How can he look so old? He's my.... age....

  • 5w ago schmelia schmelia

    @truecolormix so proud of youuuu πŸ—£πŸ”₯πŸ˜­πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’š

  • 5w ago nilihudson nilihudson

    Sounds fabulous and opens on my Birthday πŸ₯°

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  • 4w ago serenastylesu serenastylesu

    Congrats you guys! Please check your dm Clare I messaged you it’s urgent and unfortunately social media is the only option I have to contact you regarding a personal thing xo

  • 4w ago vickerscg vickerscg

    Congrats to you both!🌟

  • 3w ago dinku__________ dinku__________

    Growing stronger and feeling AWESOME is my motivation Never stop growing Because Life will never stop coming TO YOU. chance starts with you but it doesn't start UNTIL YOU DO . walk a mile to avoid a fight but when one starts ,DON'T BACK DOW AN NICK. Your day is coming ,your time is near ,closer,than you know hoper . One day at a time , my friend. Your pick is AWOSME. @dinku__________

  • 2w ago kenniiwon kenniiwon

    πŸ₯°πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ It was such an honor to have an opportunity to sit next to you during the Q&A session. ❀️ You and Seth are super nice and friendly. I will also remember the moment you offered to carry my tote bag. 😁 Thank you!

  • 2w ago claregrant claregrant

    @kenniiwon You’re so sweet. It was an honor to have you in our movie.

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