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When I posted pics of us in the mountains the other day, some of you wondered where we were. Still California! In fact, this gorgeous place is just 1.5 hours away from our home. How much do I love California? Here are just a few reasons. We are close enough to the beach to visit often and close enough to the mountains to visit occasionally. And the striking difference between to beaches and cliffs to the rolling green hills (last pic and only during spring) to the breathtaking snow capped mountains is enough to fill your gratitude journal indefinitely. The last pic is our drive to the mountains. Those rolling green hills are surreal. ...
I love traveling, but my heart is California. I can’t wait until the trails are restored, so we can hike though the foothills and take in the desert bloom and all the wildflowers. The storms severely damaged some trails that have been closed for weeks 😭 volunteer efforts are underway to repair the damage. If you’re an OC local, check out how you can help with these efforts.
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  • 6w ago allflouredup allflouredup

    You can check out Lake Elsinore and the poppies over there! One of the few places open right now 😊

  • 6w ago annaziris_photos annaziris_photos

    Love Wrightwood!! Grew up snowboarding up there which was only 30 min away from the desert where we lived... fond memories ❤️🙌🏽

  • 6w ago noorkids noorkids

    Masha Allah. Scuh a lovely place. Hope you are enjoying the traveling very much.

  • 6w ago coftre coftre

    Mashallah such beauty ✨✨✨

  • 6w ago cozycabinschoolhouse cozycabinschoolhouse

    How beautiful 🌲🌸🌲🌸

  • 6w ago

    Stunning photos. I hope to make it to California one day!

  • 6w ago householdlogistics householdlogistics

    It looks so beautiful.

  • 6w ago myheavenlydays myheavenlydays

    I love traveling too. In fact we often took a trip from Auckland to Queenstown NZ. and when we moved to Australia we did the same. City to city. But now since PTSD, its so hard to even leave the house. I am glad I found you. So i can indulge my travel through you. I am going to start bike ride again just from watching you. Alhamdullilah.

  • 6w ago twolightsacademy twolightsacademy

    Such beautiful views!! 😍Nature is something so wonderful!

  • 6w ago thebritishmuslim thebritishmuslim

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