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Coming soon. Follow my vision with @carolinalemkeberlin 📷 @mertalas @macpiggott


  • 2d ago gridstone gridstone

    @diondiane20 what a sad thing to have a mindset like that. You are never too old for anything. Especially when it’s about doing something you like. How about, you are too old to be on instagram? Doesn’t sound fair right? Really hope you don’t talk down to more people when they are doing what they like. People won’t like you if you tell them to stop living their dreams. Who cares if her popularity is fading, is it only about that?

  • 1d ago gridstone gridstone

    @diondiane20 hope you will never tell a kid to not follow their dreams because for example it seems unrealistic or because you think they won’t make enough money doing that for your standards. Let people do what makes them happy and be happy for them.

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  • 1d ago diondiane20 diondiane20

    @gridstone it’s my opinion, you need to get a life and move on!!!

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  • 1d ago shriveledberry shriveledberry

    Games of Clones?

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    به پیج ما هم سر بزنید چون کلی چیزای به درد بخور توش هست🤭

  • 1d ago _twelvee12_ _twelvee12_

    Yes. Yes. Yes! This is epic.

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  • 1d ago tired_tee tired_tee

    Looks like Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video. 🤦‍♀️

  • 1d ago warofgamingsetups warofgamingsetups

    people who ove gaming join us @warofestsetups

  • 1d ago gridstone gridstone

    @diondiane20 you don’t support or like Kim, but you are still looking at her picture and even putting in time and effort in to comment on it. I think it’s you who should get a life and that is my opinion :)

  • 20h ago diegovaldivia01 diegovaldivia01

    fake X6

  • 19h ago stellanova_1 stellanova_1

    🙌The Matrix Model😍

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    @krisjenner thanks mum 🙏🏾

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  • 4h ago tanislagalndo tanislagalndo

    She is just an old woman in plastic, she should not be called a woman, if she doesn't call herself a plastic, sometimes I wonder what will become of you dear kim when you age?

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