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The Fahey/Klein Gallery is pleased to present Nick Brandt, This Empty World, an exhibition of new works addressing the escalating environmental and ecological destruction of the natural world at the hands of man. In this series Brandt directs our attention to a world where, overwhelmed by runaway human development, there is no longer space for animals to survive. The humans in the photographs are also often helplessly swept along by the relentless tide of "progress".
In This Empty World, Brandt uses color for the first time, and a digital medium format, bringing immediacy to a critical subject that demands our attention. Made on Maasai land in Kenya, Brandt began by photographing indigenous animals in their natural habitat. Almost always keeping the camera in precisely the same position, he then built temporary urban structures in the same location, a highway overpass, a fueling station, re-photographing the transformed space. Brandt then combines the two images in post-production, composing dramatic scenes that confront urgent environmental issues, such as the scarcity of resources and encroaching industrialization.
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