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“My interest in the neurosciences I suspect dates back to my school years when I would spend time on my father’s inpatient psychiatric ward while waiting for him to finish work - creative solutions to childcare in 1990s post-communist Bulgaria were very much the norm.” #Dementia, now more than ever, is in the spotlight. This #BrainAwarenessWeek we speak to Vanessa, Ruby, Ivan, Laura and Sarah of the Department of Psychiatry and Dementias Platform UK about their backgrounds, work, motivations and hopes for the future of dementia research 🧠 Head to www. to read more #BAW2019


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    Oh yeah yeah! This seems really interesting and that’s a pretty nice background. Can’t wait to hear from everyone one else from the department of psychiatry 😀

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    Interesting, because I am a Belgian Neuro-Psychiatrist

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