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Tammy Double Ring Couple’s Vibrator

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Double Ring Couple’s Vibrator

Specifications ● Product Name: Tammy ● Company Name: SVAKOM design USA limited ● Material: ABS + Body-safe silicone ● size: 80*42*51.6mm ● Inner diameter of large circle:48mm ● Inner diameter of small circle: 28mm ● Weight: 40g ● Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery ● Battery Capacity: 100mAh ● Charging Time: 0.5h-0.8h ● Using Time: 0.8-1h ● Water Repellency: Waterproof ● Vibrate Modes: 5 ● Intensities: 5

Tammy has a super powerful build in motor which allows you to enjoy 5 different vibration modes in 5 different levels of intensity. Tammy will bring you 25 different sensations of stimulation.

Body-safe silicone textured pad designed for enhanced clitoral stimulation during sex. The textured pad of Tammy focuses on massaging and touching the clitoris to bring your partner the greatest pleasure and happiness.

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