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Our @sevenbucksprod’s produced TONIGHT’S EVENT #FindingJusticeBET @8PM on @BET not to create division, but rather create a greater empathy, dialogue, education and action.
We hope you join us for this eye opening six part docuseries EVENT.
It all starts tonight.
#FindingJustice @8pm on @BET.


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    Luv u rock watched all of ur movies 👍

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    These people need to stop blaming everything for their actions and what puts them in prison. Just saying...

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    Buenas noches Me en canta como trabaja te almiro Dios siempre siga bendiciendote Ati y a los tuyos amén

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    @sean_backer Bless your heart. I will pray for you.

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    @_sparkler_9 Bless your heart. I will pray for you.

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    @pmw53. GOD said ALL CREATED Equal!!! But, yet to happen

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    @pmw53 it makes sense.

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    الله يسعدك

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    You know what would be historic and impactful.. A well liked super famous Actor with a ton to lose fighting for the same agenda as MLK JR and the Republicans stand for. "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. -MLK JR (Republican) #blexit #candaceowens

  • 2d ago awalk215 awalk215

    @efrainyadigg fake fucking news

  • 2d ago awalk215 awalk215

    @_wonder_woman_77 fighting against discrimination make you a lefty? I@thought it was called common sense.

  • 2d ago awalk215 awalk215

    @craigposkus how about I dump lead paint in your water and give you a hand me down ass education... stfu pussy

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    @awalk215 google it and weep got enough time to make a remark a google search is shorter. Him and the owner of BET are like this🤞

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    @ashlee.worrall LOL you see the Black Panther Party as equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan? 😂😂😂

  • 2d ago ashlee.worrall ashlee.worrall

    @suedejury I mean obviously you didn't read the quotes I got from a page that is all about the NEW key word NEW black Panthers if you read those quotes and think oh my god they arent racist they are just sticking up for blacks you have mental problems and need to work on that. This conversation is a week old. I'm not going to keep responding to idiots that don't even bother to do research until you can come at me with facts. This conversation is over.

  • 2d ago suedejury suedejury

    @ashlee.worrall lol calling a stranger an idiot for asking a question makes it clear that your perspective doesn’t warrant a conversation anyway. Citing one source to summarize an entire movement is naive, especially in the internet age. Similarly, everyone who says “black lives matter” does not represent the mission/perspective of THE Black Lives Matter organization.

  • 2d ago ashlee.worrall ashlee.worrall

    @suedejury my whole point got twisted with that girl. I was trying to say basing one follower of trump you in countered and then calling all of them racist is not true. I was saying there are radical whites that follow trump and there were radical black people who followed obama. That was my point, hate is hate regardless of skin color. And in order to give trump a chance she had to do research and not just believe facebook, sorry for my response to you, I will admit that was rude of me. I am not saying anything about the old black Panthers they were started for a good cause because the kkk is horrible I'm not even going to act like they were right. The new black panther are considered a hate group that's not just me saying it that's everyone. The internet all that. But that wasnt even the point I was making she just got stuck on that. I was saying to judge trump you should do research before judging.

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