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Just wanted to keep you guys updated a little bit hopefully what I’m going through will resonate with you guys. Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird.. I always bounce back so I’m not worried just wanted to reach out and ask for your guys to pray for me. God is faithful and ur prayers really work thanks .. the most human season I’ve ever been in facing my stuff head on..


  • 4h ago joshuadrewbiebs joshuadrewbiebs

    justin i hope you’re doing great , Do what you love 2 do. Dont mind about others. Love yourself. Take care @justinbieber ❤❤❤

  • 4h ago rachelgless rachelgless

    Sometimes we get situations in life that require us to refocus on what truly matters. I am praying for you, Justin. Lean on those who love you and have your best interest at heart. Counseling helps lots!❤️🎉🎉🎉

  • 4h ago mr_ankit_dhimmar mr_ankit_dhimmar

    Follow fast @mr_ankit_dhimmar

  • 4h ago xgizemckc xgizemckc

    Oyy annneemm❣💗

  • 4h ago kareema567 kareema567

    Only PSALMS OF DAVID 🙏 like PSALM-90 (3time) PSALM-60 (3time)PSALMS-80 (3time) after rest .. this 3 days .. only PSALMS OF DAVID HELP ME READ EVERY DAY LITTLE YOU FEEL SAME BEFORE

  • 3h ago _abhi.ram._k_ _abhi.ram._k_

    Omg i missing❤️

  • 3h ago sxtylish_shoaib sxtylish_shoaib


  • 3h ago edits.ik edits.ik

    I will pray right now for you❤️

  • 3h ago bell1521 bell1521

    Praying for you! Keep walking with the Lord. He loves you so much!! Take time off —you don’t owe anyone!! Also service my others always helps me get my head straight! Try it!

  • 3h ago shaniyaqoob shaniyaqoob

    I want your album

  • 3h ago shaniyaqoob shaniyaqoob

    We all want your album

  • 2h ago jourdainsue jourdainsue

    I love that Kanye is in this picture with this message 🙏🏽

  • 2h ago c96301 c96301

    I love you so much❤️

  • 2h ago dayanajet dayanajet

    Justin I’m praying for you...just claim Jesus ...psalm 91 over your life. You know what is not good and what is good. Renounce ...

  • 2h ago rwlknchn rwlknchn

    What happnd vd justine.. Ur health is not gud?????

  • 2h ago adrian_ruiz04 adrian_ruiz04

    Ur okay dude keep ur head up. It’s all good don’t stress on these fools u too hailey @justinbieber @haileybieber

  • 2h ago juan.m.gonzalez.5667 juan.m.gonzalez.5667


  • 2h ago storevast storevast

    What a turn up

  • 2h ago deversm26 deversm26

    May God protect you and give you peace🙏🙏🙏

  • 2h ago afizul__ afizul__

    2pac legend

  • 2h ago maha.ask maha.ask

    We love you JB 💜

  • 1h ago gloskincarect gloskincarect


  • 1h ago henick8 henick8


  • 1h ago kristen_fryer kristen_fryer

    You got this. Prayer is powerful and I pray you be guided to your place of ultimate knowing. Just know It’s okay to feel lost sometimes. It’s where the magic happens. 🙏🏻💪🏻

  • 1h ago kekelynne86 kekelynne86

    I'll pray for u

  • 1h ago jaimeeloves jaimeeloves

    Scary what I learned when I made the mistake of googling certain "celebrities"

  • 1h ago eltano94 eltano94


  • 1h ago renate_exclusive renate_exclusive

    Mark my words, that's all that I have
    Mark my words, give you all I got
    In every way I will
    You're the only reason why
    Oh I don't wanna live a lie
    Mark my words
    Mark my words
    So you heard it all before
    Falling in and out of trust
    Trying to rekindle us
    Only to lose yourself
    But I won't let me lose you
    And I won't let us just fade away
    After all that we've been through
    I'ma show you more than I ever could say
    Mark my words, that's all that I have
    Mark my words, give you all I got
    In every way I will
    You're the only reason why
    Oh I don't wanna live a lie
    Mark my words
    Mark my words❤️...( my fav. song ) I wish you strength! Love is wonderful and keep these feelings your loved ones! @justinbieber

  • 58m ago gri_suzanne gri_suzanne


  • 55m ago oc_boozie oc_boozie

    @justinbieber at the end of the day, you are human like the rest of us. Your feelings are relatable. I will pray for you❤️

  • 53m ago smithn903 smithn903

    Sometimes our own minds will toture us but we have to turn it off and turn to Gid during these times. I know its easier said then done. Praying for you

  • 51m ago laura.bornes laura.bornes

    love u sm

  • 50m ago townbizzbeast townbizzbeast

    What a puss u got millions man up stand up quit crying and venting on the social media or I'm roasting 😁

  • 17m ago jay_de_ok jay_de_ok

    You need your daddy in your life more that will help

  • 15m ago natalia.leighton natalia.leighton

    B strong bieber ❤️

  • 13m ago nikkimcntosh nikkimcntosh

    In Jesus name Justine I cover you with the blood of Jesus.. may he continue to reveal himself to you.. in Jesus’s name!!

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