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Someone sent a box of hoshi imo 干し芋, sweet potatoes that are steamed then dried until they are dense and sticky. They don’t keep long since they are still soft, but are so sweet without any added sugar. They are a specialty of Hitachinaka in Ibaraki prefecture, where these were sent from. It’s a congratulations for getting out of the hospital gift for my mother and me from a good friend😊.
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  • 1w ago ninthstation ninthstation

    I'm happy you're home from hospital and I wish you well.

  • 1w ago kittiesofdarkness kittiesofdarkness

    Yum! So glad you are on the mend! 🎉😽

  • 1w ago ikuradesuka ikuradesuka

    Congrats on leaving hospital hope you continue on your wellness

  • 1w ago starlights86 starlights86

    Congratulations for feeling better abs leaving the hospital. That gift sounds very yummy. Food gifts are the best 😆

  • 1w ago theflyingnone theflyingnone

    Congrats on leaving the hospital! Better one way than another!!

  • 1w ago amanda77kr amanda77kr

    Sounds tasty! And a pro po.

  • 1w ago mbarnes1023 mbarnes1023

    That sounds wonderful!

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