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🇭🇰 The fear that I had stepping out here...guys just think... my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, but no vomit on the sweater 😬😂 I felt so accomplished after crushing this mountain it was totally worth it to see the concrete jungle of Hong Kong!

Is there any nice hikes in LA or San Francisco that I could do in the next few weeks? 🤔


  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

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  • 4d ago lukey5655 lukey5655

    Gee you’re a lucky girl with a amazing job and I’m jealous

  • 4d ago natbelcrawford natbelcrawford

    I ❤️ Hong Kong @sheenaculic

  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

    @natbelcrawford aww it's one of favs Nat! So nice and good nightlife 😊💜

  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

    @lukey5655 yes I’m so lucky, I'm grateful for my life everyday 🙌🏽

  • 4d ago trekking_in_nepalhimalaya trekking_in_nepalhimalaya


  • 4d ago lukey5655 lukey5655

    @sheenaculic as I’ve said before I wish I could have someone special in my life to go see the world with

  • 4d ago davisallsop davisallsop

    Runyon and Fryman canyons are great hikes in LA! Also some good spots in Malibu/Topanga Canyon 🧗🏼‍♀️

  • 4d ago giroriccardo giroriccardo

    It’s great to see good quality posts like yours! Well done! 👏💪🏽

  • 4d ago metineurr metineurr

    OMGG 😶😱 Your post is insane ! Continue like that is so cool to see quality stuff like that 😀😍

  • 4d ago megsiie88 megsiie88

    Epic photo 😍

  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

    @megsiie88 eekkk thanks megs!!

  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

    @metineurr haha thanks so much 😆

  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

    @davisallsop ohhhhh thankyou!! I’ve been meaning to do Runyon for months. Will look up the others 👍🏼😄

  • 4d ago babaji6601 babaji6601

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  • 4d ago juliakasprzak juliakasprzak


  • 4d ago connorrice32 connorrice32

    Paradise Falls and Santa Susana Pass! Both epic hikes/trails around LA with views worth the trek! Happy adventuring 🤗

  • 4d ago mrc.gms mrc.gms

    Amazing ❤️

  • 4d ago gotta_believe81 gotta_believe81

    How do you always have a photographer at the perfect spot for the perfect photo ?! 😊😂

  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

    @juliakasprzak thanks julez 😝

  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

    @connorrice32 they both look awesome. Legend thanks 👍🏼

  • 4d ago sheenaculic sheenaculic

    @gotta_believe81 haha my friends are just awesome and I do run them thru a mini lesson before the shot 😂😂😂

  • 4d ago keldecks keldecks

    Go to the Potato Chip rock hike! It’s not much of a hike but it has the best view on the coolest rock! I’ll message you a pic!

  • 4d ago juliakasprzak juliakasprzak

    @sheenaculic I might do it on my stop over back home haha. Thanks for the #Inspo xxx

  • 4d ago gotta_believe81 gotta_believe81

    @sheenaculic haha very awesome friends ! Just had a mental picture of you doing a pep talk before the shot “so if you could just sit there for 30 mins, when I’m in position I’ll give you two thumbs up to say I’m ready and if you could point the camera at a 90 degree angle ... think that’s it .... oh just one more thing ... don’t screw it up !!” 🤣

  • 4d ago privatesafarisea privatesafarisea

    Incredible shot~

  • 4d ago lou.schade lou.schade

    That's incredible!

  • 4d ago itsdenisecas itsdenisecas

    Amazing! 😍

  • 4d ago intlandy1984 intlandy1984

    @sheenaculic I'd recommend Runyon canyon in Los Angeles

  • 4d ago dpricesright dpricesright

    Amazing shot

  • 4d ago clarkplusoutdoors clarkplusoutdoors

    Bridge to no where

  • 4d ago odionpeter2018 odionpeter2018


  • 4d ago decay21 decay21

    Nice bars Eminem aka B Rabbit

  • 4d ago helenpadgham helenpadgham

    @juliatonna next time

  • 4d ago meaganrothh meaganrothh

    Wow the view 😱

  • 3d ago joelzzz2 joelzzz2

    Have you done the Hollywood sign hike?

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