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#Loyalty love him. Forever. The GOAT. My brother. My boss. My inspiration. #YoungMoney


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  • 1d ago wwesuxs wwesuxs

    She got dragged by her lace front haha

  • 1d ago boujie._ boujie._

    @pamdineo but I don’t understand because multiple male rappers can shine at the same time. Why can’t it be the same for females?

  • 1d ago pamdineo pamdineo

    @boujie._ the problem is with us fans

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  • 1d ago i_love_maggie_again i_love_maggie_again

    If I were nicki I would've never mentioned to bet that I wasn't performing. They would've been anticipating my arrival and I would've blocked their numbers. In a long awaited interview with Ellen or Oprah I would've then explained...but i do understand that the fans have to know because they can't go expecting their queen and then be disappointed. But so glad he stood up for her too.

  • 1d ago boujie._ boujie._

    @pamdineo it is and it’s sickening. That’s why celebrities be going insane and doing the stuff they do

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  • 1d ago chataboumarccus_ chataboumarccus_

    @bet is very unprofessional & dumb.

  • 1d ago damar_uvallos damar_uvallos

    please Nicki Help me I ask you with all my heart

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  • 22h ago

    Meanwhile BET is getting dragged by their lacefronts😂😂😂

  • 20h ago jessicaluisethan jessicaluisethan

    BET said “Nicki stoped my bag lol

  • 19h ago unicornbunzzz unicornbunzzz

    Let’s plug in the phone pls

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    Drake should take a review of loyalty lessons.

  • 15h ago daniel.nm4 daniel.nm4

    @78chevy_grl u commenting, so u care 😂

  • 15h ago travieknight_ travieknight_

    4L 💯

  • 13h ago jayb0030 jayb0030

    @helxena_99s just because ppl go through hard times that doesnt mean God is upset with you. He puts you through trial and tribulations to test your loyalty to him. Hemce the story of Job. If you remain faithful you get what you had 10x. Dont go "preaching" when its clear you dont read the bible.

  • 13h ago jayb0030 jayb0030

    @dekneshea what are you saying bet been disrespectful. They made fun of blueivy hair which is why they didnt perform at the award show for 2 yrs.

  • 10h ago prettybrown_tisha prettybrown_tisha

    @vingtetunetoilesdeuxx who are you?!🤬 Move around

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    @cryssi_85 💯🙏🏽

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    Здравствуйте! Я Дарья, занимаюсь танцами🔥 У меня стартует запись в закрытую группу по танцам совершенно бесплатно!🙀 Подписывайся на мой instagram и приходи на занятия🙌

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    @caramelmacchiato88 but what did BET tweet? I’m so lostttt

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