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    @fairness4casting maybe there in lies the hate.. try spreading love. And appreciate those that devote their lives to a passion and purpose. Jealousy ain’t cute agnostic or not 😂

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    @free2bmissa it's a tribute not playing someone's part I dont see a problem them doing a tribute to Selena.... it would be a complement and show just how much she crossed over to ALL people... not just the Latin community

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    @stacyjoblackley exactly... it just showed how much the music touched EVERYONE

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    @sandee8607 I agree to some point BUT it’s disrespectful to add salsa to a Motown tribute that’s like adding hip hop dancing to a Selena tribute. To me she wasn’t a good fit nothing to do with her ethnicity 🤷🏾‍♀️

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    @free2bmissa or like the rappers adding latin spins to their music??? Or Justin bieber singing the song despacito??? And Selena was diverse....I'm sure her family would not mind a different spin to her music.... this is all super disgraceful that people will not was A TRIBUTE... music has always been remade and individual spins 9ut on it

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    @sandee8607 it’s only a tribute of it reminds people of the era, artists, music they’re trying to pay tribute to. It didn’t remind me of Motown but a continuation of her Las Vegas show🤷🏾‍♀️ that’s my problem about it. The examples you gave were not tributes but examples of diversity of music styles and bringing people together. A tribute is NOT erasing someone’s culture and style and inputting your culture/style 🤷🏾‍♀️ To me that was disrespectful especially during black history month. She could’ve just performed one song instead of agreeing to lead the entire performance. She did a great job as a performer but not a great job giving a MOTOWN tribute 🤷🏾‍♀️ just saying

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    Flash Back Who's That! Great Performance. Be Proud Mama!😎💕💕💕💓💓💓💕💕💕

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    Очень красивая!🔥🌟🔥

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    Cultural appropriation 101

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    @42_kandice_kandice42 she didn't sing and she performed a Vegas act, Not Motown. Jlo was wrong on so MANY LEVELS.

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    @johnrussophoto 🤣🤣🤣 Jlo can't do everything. That Grammys Vegas fiasco proved it.

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    @dorenea_type 💯

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    Wow 😍

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    Had to set str8 a couple haters on my fb about the tribute. I got your back!

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    @ladyjerz you contradicted yourself in your statement. Re read several times maybe and see if you find where you did your contradiction.

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    @kings_kid733 I stand by my comments and respect the difference in opinions, so please feel free to elaborate should you feel the need.

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    @dorenea_type haters gonna hate. JLO can do more than you can. She does everything and she is everything. She the whole package Motown needed. Get over it and move on. Don't hate where you can't compete.

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    I thought the tribute was good Jenny!

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    @_wildflowers__diary girl leave alone she aint sing 1 word in Espanol

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    @tylas.w0rld then she wouldve been considered a racist

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    @brooklynnat and what are u

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