Instagram post by @hmmwhattoputhere Kelly Fisher

Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Compare. Keep a tally. Who’s ahead. Who’s behind. Formulate a strategy. Stage the photo. Come up with a clever caption. Are we winning? Undone today at how we’ve gotten here. Comparing your square to my square as if we’re on the same path. As if we have the same goals. As if life is about competing and cutting you down to build myself up. Laying down the lie of comparison. It doesn’t make me stronger, better. Stepping towards my unique calling. To love those in my life with excellence. To love them for who they are. To contend for health and healing. To be a source of encouragement to others. To let my heart be used for His people. To create a home that’s an invitation of rest and solace. To speak of the Father’s triumphant return. This is my path. My goal. My purpose. How can I partner with you to push you closer towards yours? Xo

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