Instagram post by @magiaycurls Krystal

It has been nearly a year since my last cut and my hair has grown SO long.
Which of course means I have to cut it!
@serendipityxiiiix & I have been dying to visit @citycurlstudio and I am so happy we did!
@melimel_devacurl did the cutest haircut full of layers and @rachael_devacurl helped me begin my process to go blonde. (I was blonde before my transition to healthy hair, so of course I was nervous AF doing it again) Rachael really helped me with my nerves, and my curls didn’t suffer at all. In fact, the cut Mel did really perked them right up!
Seriously, they were phenomenal! I can’t wait to go back to go lighter – and honestly, just to visit – the vibe there is perfect.
If you’re in NYC you should definitely stop by @citycurlstudio Those ladies are AMAZING 💕💕
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