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Spyro Reignited Trilogy (PS4)
For the first time since 2002, I'm optimistic about the Spyro series. I absolutely loved this remake and can't wait to see what @toysforbobofficial does with the IP next.
This game is a remake of Insomniac's original Spyro PS1 trilogy. It stayed very true to the original, looking exactly how I remember the games looking through my nostalgia-tinted glasses.
The original games were a massive part of my childhood, but in case you're not familiar with the series, it is a collectathon platformer. You play as a small purple dragon, running, jumping, and gliding through the game's levels, and your main way to dispatch enemies is by charging into them or using your fire breath. In the third game, Spyro gets a number of playable sidekicks, including a kangaroo, a yeti, and a heavily-armed penguin.
The first game is the simplest of the bunch, with each game growing in size and adding new moves to Spyro's repertoire (such as a flutter at the end of his glide, or the ability to swim). Levels are accessible through portals in different hubworlds and are relatively short, taking about half an hour to complete at a leisurely pace (which is important for a collectathon - it breaks down collecting into manageable chunks and respects your time).
The soundtrack is very zen, with Stewart Copeland (of the Police) reprising his role as composer for the remake.
My only two gripes are that the (in my opinion) very satisfying visual effect of collected gems floating into your grand total when you leave a level is removed, and I encountered a number of annoying glitches (though nothing game-breaking or that ruined the experience). Oh, and let's not forget that the disc only contains the first game - the other two need to be downloaded.
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