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Happy birthday to @sethgreen. My truest love. My forever friend. The Artemis to my Luna. Every version of us is my favorite version. No one makes me laugh harder than you. Feel safer than you. Makes me feel ok about eating 10 two packs of Little Debbie cream filled snack cakes in one sitting than you. Every day with you is the best day. I hope your day today is as wonderful as you are. 💚🐺💚


  • 10w ago panda8ngelcreations panda8ngelcreations

    Happy birthday @sethgreen ❤️

  • 10w ago allois7 allois7


  • 10w ago kekapiller kekapiller one makes you feel taller than him too. 😂

  • 10w ago maggiekreamer maggiekreamer

    So sweet! I love you two! Love wins again💕💜 Happy Birthday Seth!

  • 10w ago shyviolet144 shyviolet144

    Happy birthday Seth!! I love you both!! 💕🔥💕🔥

  • 10w ago helenesafronova helenesafronova

    @sethgreen @claregrant you guys are adorable. Happy Birthday Seth. To many more years of happiness with your best friend 💜

  • 10w ago batmansmom batmansmom

    Happy birthday Seth 🎈🎈🎈 you two love birds❣️

  • 10w ago killercavecow killercavecow

    One of my favorite movies, great reference!

  • 10w ago ashbyesq ashbyesq

    That little prick looks like Scott Evil!

  • 10w ago nicholasdaletaylor nicholasdaletaylor

    You’re so beautiful doll.

  • 10w ago angelly.the.panda angelly.the.panda

    Oh my God that caption is so cute😍❤️ wholesome

  • 10w ago jedii_raccoon jedii_raccoon

    Happy Birthday @sethgreen , fellow Aquarius!

  • 10w ago leighfish leighfish

    OMgosh - you 2 r soooo Cute!! Ok do we call you Cleth or Sare? - whats your “Brangelina” name?

  • 10w ago lokiko_29 lokiko_29

    Happy birthday @sethgreen

  • 10w ago therealnicolemccann therealnicolemccann

    That’s so incredibly sweet

  • 10w ago chrisimariemc chrisimariemc

    @claregrant ❤️❤️ You guys are freakin awesome! Happy bday @sethgreen.

  • 10w ago ramp_shark ramp_shark

    Happy birthday @sethgreen You are one of my favorite people!

  • 10w ago jule1978 jule1978

    Happy Birthday Seth and I'm so glad your happy! @claregrant ❤️

  • 10w ago ericasgross ericasgross

    @sethgreen Happy birthday!

  • 10w ago tfg2 tfg2

    @claregrant @sethgreen The two of you are awesome! I strive every day to have something close to what you two have. I'm pretty sure that I've found it, too! Stay awesome! 🤘😁 #RespectAndHonor

  • 10w ago

    Happy Birthday

  • 10w ago hay.loveeee hay.loveeee

    Happy birthday Seth💖 love this couple so much, post more pictures together on here! These are amazing (:

  • 10w ago mrashley3185 mrashley3185

    @claregrant you two are so gorgeous together. Happy belated birthday Mr @sethgreen

  • 10w ago vegomax vegomax

    I love you guys!

  • 10w ago jaxsnerdymommy jaxsnerdymommy

    Happy Birthday Seth! Your birth made the world a lot happier, funnier and even more creative. ❤️

  • 10w ago jo__fabis_fought jo__fabis_fought

    So cute!!!! Happy birthday!!!! 🎊🎂🎈🎁♥️

  • 10w ago photogirl4evr photogirl4evr

    Awww best couple in all of nerdom <3 Clare I love your Sailor moon so much

  • 10w ago jess_holdersky4ver jess_holdersky4ver

    Happy Birthday @sethgreen

  • 10w ago its_rebekahros its_rebekahros

    Happy bday @sethgreen 🎊🎉🎊🎉✌👍

  • 10w ago bulletproofzone bulletproofzone

    Lovely post😍

  • 10w ago sillypammy sillypammy


  • 10w ago dewnelson1 dewnelson1

    Happy day, Seth! And happ love to you both! ❤️

  • 9w ago amandac_1991 amandac_1991

    Happy Birthday!

  • 9w ago dana_daurey dana_daurey

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 9w ago geebeejean geebeejean

    Very inspiring pictures of you 2 😍 Makes me want to grab a pen & sketch 😆 Bon belated anniversaire @sethgreen too ☺

  • 8w ago kcway kcway

    You forgot to add “no one makes me feel taller than you” 🤣

  • 7w ago mamabell82 mamabell82

    As a teenager in the noughties, I was in love with Seth Green. Obviously that is behind me now, I have husband, beautiful children, and I love seeing you both so happy. You are so great together and I love you both!

  • 7w ago alexkkarma alexkkarma

    Awwww stop this cuteness

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