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Reading is one of the best things they’ve picked up. Honestly, it’s a habit that carries on giving forever so we’ve always allowed them to have as many books as they want. Tonight’s epic tale is... Horrid Henry. Good night everyone. 💖


  • 1w ago the_hybrid_life the_hybrid_life

    My favourite thing is reading with my kids, it's such a joy sharing books, adventure, the questions my daughter asks and most of all the cuddles as they always sit on me 😍❤️

  • 1w ago chinese_miracles chinese_miracles


  • 1w ago _xallthingsbeauty _xallthingsbeauty

    Love this ❤️

  • 1w ago _xallthingsbeauty _xallthingsbeauty

    Can’t wait to do this with my children one day in’sha’Allah 💕

  • 1w ago hijabdesign_hatice hijabdesign_hatice

  • 1w ago fairydustwoo fairydustwoo

    Looks cosy!! Best thing ever for kids. Good on you for setting a good example to your children. xx

  • 1w ago fashioholicangel fashioholicangel

    I am hoping my kids are going to be the same! I love reading too!!! Adorable masha Allah!! 😍😍

  • 1w ago amenakhan amenakhan

    @fashioholicangel they will copy you! 📚💜✨

  • 1w ago amenakhan amenakhan

    @the_hybrid_life Same! Their awe and wonder is so contagious 💖

  • 1w ago fantabulous_foodz fantabulous_foodz

    Awwww...My daughter (who was star struck when we saw you at Koyla's few years ago) used to love Horrid Henry books 👌

  • 1w ago majd5982 majd5982

    Beautiful.. I like to read the fairy tale stories for my daughters.... .yesterday I have read the little 5 year old kept imagining herself in the story.. 😁..

  • 1w ago quranforlittlehearts quranforlittlehearts

    I have sent you an email. Hope you have seen it🙂. Many thanks

  • 1w ago jongomma21 jongomma21


  • 1w ago nurthecat nurthecat

    my jaans! 💖, can i just print that second picture and frame it?! 🥰

  • 1w ago hoooodafatimaaaa hoooodafatimaaaa

    @amenakhan Damn this line was deep.

  • 1w ago aisharosey_ aisharosey_

    Adorable ❤️ Masha Allah

  • 1w ago munazzah.s_ munazzah.s_

    Mashallah adorable! 😍❤️

  • 1w ago halalfoodgastro halalfoodgastro

    Aww MaShaaAllah 💗

  • 1w ago areebakhan87 areebakhan87


  • 1w ago withlovebyanisa withlovebyanisa

    Beautiful x you are such an amazing mom 😭😭😍😍💕💕

  • 1w ago halliescakes halliescakes


  • 1w ago thaiyba.akbar thaiyba.akbar

    Mash Allah and your house looks soooo cosy 😭 Mash Allah may Allah keep on blessing you and your beautiful family ❤️

  • 1w ago aubergines56 aubergines56

    I hope one day if I ever have kids, I'll have a relationship with them just like this. Mashallah may Allah bless you both💗💗

  • 1w ago safilafe safilafe


  • 1w ago mariam_m_f mariam_m_f

    You both are making a heart shape 💛 MashAllah

  • 1w ago zahralogy zahralogy

    You’re such an inspiring woman, a mother.. an entrepreneur, love you Amena❤️

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