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I have been hospitalized since Jan. 15, and I am going completely stir crazy.😑 The staff here do treat you so well though. The nursing assistants will even go to the convenience store downstairs to buy you sundries if needed. I asked for some sugarless cough drops the other day and someone got me some right away. She put the change and receipt in a little bag. So cute.
And in case you’re wondering, there is no fee or tipping involved. It is Japan after all.


  • 1w ago makiwi makiwi

    #hospitalized #hospital #japan #yokohama

  • 1w ago themouse themouse

    Hope you are mending.

  • 1w ago tal00001 tal00001

    I found two days sent me crazy. Wishing you all the best. Hope the end is in sight soon 💖💖

  • 1w ago shirleyekaiser shirleyekaiser

    You are so much in my thoughts, Maki. I’m so sorry you’re in the hospital at all, much less this long. Agh! I do hope you feel better soon and get to go home. Love and hugs

  • 1w ago tokyogyoza tokyogyoza

    No tipping. But the service is always excellent!

  • 1w ago tamioki tamioki

    Oh that does sound crazy making. I hope you are well enough to go home soon.

  • 1w ago marieller_ marieller_

    get well soon! 🙏🏻

  • 1w ago starlights86 starlights86

    That is so nice of the nurse to take the extra step. 😊👍

  • 1w ago idontlikechocolatebrownies idontlikechocolatebrownies

    I really hope you will be well and home soon! In the meantime, is there anything we can do? Can we entertain you a little, maybe, take your mind off things? It must be so boring and frustrating being stuck like that...

  • 1w ago flybigd68 flybigd68

    Hope you can go home soon!!

  • 1w ago trixie_nyc trixie_nyc

    Get well soon!💐

  • 1w ago carrie_cats_in_paris carrie_cats_in_paris

    Having been hospitalized 42 days while on holiday in Bangkok I know where you are coming from😔 Wishing you well and hope you will be able to come home to France before too long 😊

  • 1w ago kiwi.meowdi kiwi.meowdi

    Get well soon! Is there anything in particular you want to do or see?

  • 1w ago rachellavinenyc rachellavinenyc

    So sorry to hear that you've been hospitalized. Sending best wishes for a quick and thorough recovery!

  • 1w ago carluz carluz

    Do you feel like reading? You have friends all around the world let us know what we can send you to keep you entertained 😀

  • 1w ago theflyingnone theflyingnone

    They match your profile pic! I’m sorry to hear about your stay, I hope you feel better soon! Bon courage!! ✨

  • 1w ago tyraines57 tyraines57

    I am so sorry to hear about your hospitalization. Sure hope you get home soon.

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