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It’s cool to still get your hands on old blueprints, or in this case Whiteprints. A chemical process using light sensitive Diazonium salt that results in a print with blue lines on white paper.

White lines on blue paper, called Blueprints, used a similar, but more expensive, light sensitive process to created a negative print of the original drawing.

Actual Blueprints were replaced by Whiteprints in the 1940s. By the 2000s computers had wiped out the chemical process to create prints. However, still to this day, construction plans can be referred to as Blueprints.

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  • 10w ago anthrosbelike anthrosbelike

    Can you recommend a kitchen designer? Or do y’all do that kinda thing? I like your vibe! Thanks!

  • 10w ago drb_homes drb_homes

    @anthrosbelike yes we love designing kitchens! It’s one of the most critical spaces in a home!

  • 10w ago drb_homes drb_homes

    @anthrosbelike what kind of kitchen are you interested in?

  • 10w ago anthrosbelike anthrosbelike

    @drb_homes one that isn’t from 1970!! I sniffed out your website and will definitely be submitting an estimate request!

  • 10w ago drb_homes drb_homes

    @anthrosbelike awesome! You know the drill 👍

  • 10w ago jonlg jonlg

    @anthrosbelike It's only a matter of time before someone asks us to design a retro kitchen from 1970. I'm thinking avocado formica countertops, burnt orange cabinets, lava lamp pendant lights, and maybe we'll outfit a Wolf toaster oven with a tinted bubble window from the side of a Pinto station wagon. ...Or maybe not.

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