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Which is the most AWESOME mirrorless camera??? I want to know your favorite and why you think it’s so amazing. I’ll let you know my personal picks next week but feel free to spoil it for everyone and wager a guess!

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  • 10w ago princetonprophoto princetonprophoto

    It has to be the A7III for me, I considered buying the A9 but it made more sense for me to buy two A7III bodies. I do a lot with strobes so super fast silent shooting isn’t huge deal for me. The A7III just checks more boxes than any other camera right now.

  • 10w ago jake_gold_productions jake_gold_productions

    Sony Gang🔥

  • 10w ago thesnappyartist thesnappyartist

    I’ve got the Sony a7iii and love it - just added the song a7riii to my kit too!!!!!

  • 10w ago ryanmense ryanmense

    Evening the playing field by not including the a9 I see 😋

  • 10w ago learningcameras learningcameras

    @ryanmense hahaha, feel free to send me yours!

  • 10w ago learningcameras learningcameras

    @thesnappyartist Awesome!

  • 10w ago livelifecreativepodcast livelifecreativepodcast

    I know it's dumb, but the deciding factor for me between the A7iii and Z6 was how it felt in my hand. I've got a bit bigger hands, and A7lll was just too small, my fingers couldn't get a good grip and curled too far past the control buttons, particularly the ones around the shutter button. I'm going with the Z6 because it feels good in my hand, hoping the autofocus won't be too bad, and hoping I made the right decision! 😮

  • 10w ago luminousnetworks luminousnetworks

    I have the X-T3 and both the Sony’s on the bottom row . The Fuji is my favorite to use because of size , ergonomics , and the controls . The color is great too , less time in post. I still don’t like processing skin tones with the A7Riii , but the A7iii is better .

  • 10w ago glenharris06 glenharris06

    Panasonic g80 it just does everything at half the price of Sony, fuji, canon, nikon and its weather sealed!

  • 10w ago johnosel.diaz johnosel.diaz

    My favorites are the ones I can’t afford lol!

  • 10w ago roham007 roham007

    Sony a7riii

  • 10w ago thepandaphotographer thepandaphotographer

    Nikon Z6 because it’s the under dog 📸🙌

  • 10w ago blinkingeyeimaging blinkingeyeimaging

    Nikon FTW.

  • 10w ago bokehmaster72 bokehmaster72

    My very own X-T3. :-)

  • 10w ago 90sartsandfilmco 90sartsandfilmco

    @livelifecreativepodcast that’s not dumb at all. I chose the xt3 and I regret doing so because of the grip. My hands are huge and the xt3 practically has no grip at all

  • 10w ago livelifecreativepodcast livelifecreativepodcast

    @90sartsandfilmco thanks for validating my decision 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • 10w ago afocante afocante

    Nikon Z7, weather sealed, awesome quality, best ergonomics, time lapse! I had the a7r3 and hated, slow, noise, and the z7 video quality output looks 100 better than sony

  • 10w ago briansullivanphoto briansullivanphoto

    Exciting times!

  • 10w ago tonynorthrup tonynorthrup

    The XT3 brings me joy

  • 10w ago ehsanv89 ehsanv89

    Sony alpha a7iii 👌

  • 10w ago hadogumu hadogumu

    used to have Sony A7Rm1,2,3 and Fujifilm X-T1 & 2, but for now, I choose Nikon Z7. It brings the most joy to me. and Nikon have the best ergonomic.

  • 10w ago martian_citizen martian_citizen

    Fuji xt2

  • 9w ago jp_photo_s jp_photo_s

    Such a good shot! The composition is so good really like what you’ve done here keep up the good work! 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • 9w ago subcinctus subcinctus

    A7rIII !!!!

  • 9w ago subcinctus subcinctus

    @afocante are you being honest or you pushed the truth a bit ? Because I’m seriously considering shifting to A7rIII in a month from my 7D II

  • 9w ago beliaveu beliaveu

    Sony α7 got messed up by EOS R and Lumix S.

  • 9w ago afocante afocante

    @subcinctus very seriously ! Do you want to buy mine? I think it’s not as good as they say out there

  • 9w ago subcinctus subcinctus

    @afocante I would love to buy it from you if it’s available, I honestly love the reviews and I think it’s for me

  • 9w ago afocante afocante

    @subcinctus i think this camera still sucks

  • 9w ago subcinctus subcinctus

    @afocante man, are you sure that your piece doesn’t have errors? I know people find some issues with it but no one has ever been so negative about it (that’s from talking to users from different parts of the world over the course of five months)

  • 8w ago emcee_pee emcee_pee

    @mlaarnix pili na 😅

  • 8w ago christianaastrom christianaastrom

    A7iii is my favorite 🔝

  • 8w ago simonerabassini_videomaker simonerabassini_videomaker

    Nice composition!...

  • 7w ago photografika.fineart photografika.fineart

    Nikon Profissional System Z and Fujifilm X-T3.

  • 7w ago ilyaerin ilyaerin

    It's easy. Everyone that ends on "3": A73 or X-T3 :D

  • 3w ago giuseppe_proto_photographer giuseppe_proto_photographer

    Where is the a9?

  • 3w ago learningcameras learningcameras

    @giuseppe_proto_photography do you really think I need more cameras? Lol

  • 3w ago giuseppe_proto_photographer giuseppe_proto_photographer

    @learningcameras WILL FORGOT THE BEST... SONY A9...

  • 3w ago giuseppe_proto_photographer giuseppe_proto_photographer

    @princetonprophoto are you sure?

  • 3w ago princetonprophoto princetonprophoto

    @giuseppe_proto_photography is there any other possibility?

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