Instagram post by @claregrant Clare Grant

Last week we celebrated the man behind the immortal legend that is @therealstanlee and all the ways he influenced so many people’s lives both personally and through his work. The entire night was touching, moving and inspiring. Words cannot describe the feelings I have for Stan Lee. One of my most vivid memories as a kid was the moment I discovered the X-Men. I was sitting in my friend DJ’s room and saw a poster of Gambit on his wall and needed to know everything about the man with kinetic energy shooting from his eyes and fingertips. DJ then introduced me to the X-Men and I fell fast and hard for the first superhero team that I felt I could relate to: a team of ordinary people, all misfits and loners whose lives were changed forever when they were gifted superpowers. A team of people rejected from society or their own families who then found family and strength in each other. I discovered the X-Men during the amazing Chris Claremont & Jim Lee run of the series and absorbed everything I could get my hands on. I made friends that have lasted throughout my life based on our mutual love of Marvel characters and even met my husband in a comic book shop where Stan Lee was there cutting the ribbon at the grand reopening ceremony. Getting to work with Stan on my own little projects was a highlight of my career, and knowing Stan as a friend was a highlight of my life. Excelsior, Stan!! You achieved what all of us hope: immortality and the love of an entire planet. You deserve nothing less. 💚

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