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Last week we celebrated the man behind the immortal legend that is @therealstanlee and all the ways he influenced so many people’s lives both personally and through his work. The entire night was touching, moving and inspiring. Words cannot describe the feelings I have for Stan Lee. One of my most vivid memories as a kid was the moment I discovered the X-Men. I was sitting in my friend DJ’s room and saw a poster of Gambit on his wall and needed to know everything about the man with kinetic energy shooting from his eyes and fingertips. DJ then introduced me to the X-Men and I fell fast and hard for the first superhero team that I felt I could relate to: a team of ordinary people, all misfits and loners whose lives were changed forever when they were gifted superpowers. A team of people rejected from society or their own families who then found family and strength in each other. I discovered the X-Men during the amazing Chris Claremont & Jim Lee run of the series and absorbed everything I could get my hands on. I made friends that have lasted throughout my life based on our mutual love of Marvel characters and even met my husband in a comic book shop where Stan Lee was there cutting the ribbon at the grand reopening ceremony. Getting to work with Stan on my own little projects was a highlight of my career, and knowing Stan as a friend was a highlight of my life. Excelsior, Stan!! You achieved what all of us hope: immortality and the love of an entire planet. You deserve nothing less. 💚

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  • 10w ago rdavies82 rdavies82

    Well said @claregrant kudos fellow geek/nerd 🤓👍🏻🤩🙌🏻❤️🇬🇧🖖🏻

  • 10w ago american.artist.kris.courtney american.artist.kris.courtney

    Excellent @legionmofficial Standing Tall @sethgreen :))

  • 10w ago claregrant claregrant

    @strangeamberd I had so many cartoon crushes!!!

  • 10w ago strangeamberd strangeamberd

    @claregrant me too!

  • 10w ago the_crystal_fairy9 the_crystal_fairy9

    Y'all are BEAUTIFUL people💞

  • 10w ago ging_gregory ging_gregory


  • 10w ago cappycrash cappycrash

    Totally there with you on Gambit! 😍 was always VERY sad he didn't make the cut for the live action ones.

  • 10w ago naturalist90 naturalist90

    Thanks for sharing your story! 😊✌️

  • 10w ago anissaemily anissaemily

    My truest loves. Stan Lee forever. Almost home❤️. ❤️. ❤️.

  • 10w ago naturalist90 naturalist90

    I want to say my introduction was the first animated series along with the Sega game. Nightcrawler and Gambit were definitely 2 of my favorites but Wolverine was never a bad choice either of course.

  • 10w ago joeytierney joeytierney


  • 10w ago claregrant claregrant

    @naturalist90 that game was my intro to Psylocke!!!!

  • 10w ago luisbermudezbiffi luisbermudezbiffi

    Beautifully spoken.

  • 10w ago thatdantromp thatdantromp

    Amazing photo you find ❤️ in the strangest of places I love this photo have a wonderful day

  • 10w ago seanab2988 seanab2988

    Can yall plz make a beautiful red headed baby plz? 😍😍

  • 10w ago tim_riecker tim_riecker

    Great memory! It’s awesome that so many fans have such similar stories and sentiment for Stan’s creations. What a brilliant creator... knowing how to craft interesting, flawed, and awesome heroes and villains with such compelling stories. Thanks for sharing!

  • 10w ago avengerjedi avengerjedi


  • 10w ago amy4syth amy4syth

    My loves! @claregrant @sethgreen

  • 10w ago markjames99 markjames99

    Anyone who was ever excluded, left out, ridiculed, etc was an X-Man. Stan Lee knew that pain. He made a place where the outcast were at home... and the coolest people there.

  • 10w ago bonniegrrl bonniegrrl


  • 10w ago bonniegrrl bonniegrrl

    Also it was great seeing you both. 😍

  • 10w ago tonydetroit tonydetroit

    That’s so great, guys! 🧔🏻❤️👩🏻‍🦰

  • 10w ago simplysergmx simplysergmx

    I am still in disbelief 😥 his work has and will always be my favorite 💚

  • 10w ago killerbuckeye killerbuckeye

    I've had a crush on Shadow at since elementary school. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, before Jim Lee, etc. My older brother collected X-men comics.

  • 10w ago emilyhachebeauty emilyhachebeauty

    You look beautiful! Great job!

  • 10w ago rocketgirlruby rocketgirlruby

    I remember in 2nd grade playing X-Men on the playground. I always wanted to be Rogue.

  • 10w ago toddlivingston toddlivingston

    Wait. Did you outginger the ginger?

  • 10w ago gigi__harris89 gigi__harris89

    @claregrant are u and Seth going to have babies?

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  • 10w ago erthsk8er erthsk8er


  • 10w ago dethbox dethbox

    My mom used to tape the X-Men cartoon on VHS and send them to me at college.

  • 10w ago itsdawnmiller itsdawnmiller

    Looks amazing!

  • 10w ago k_rad73 k_rad73

    Back in 9th grade my buddy Daniel was all into x men. I didn’t know much about them. I was all into daredevil and punisher. Daniel had a massive x men comic collection. He wouldn’t let me borrow them, but I was allowed to read them when I came over. And I did. Constantly. Anyways. One day Daniel invites me over. His mom had found a huge collection of x men at a garage sale. It was an almost exact set to Daniels collection. Uncanny! He took out the few he didn’t have and gave me the rest. I was floored. All the way back to uncanny #128. Long story short, some of my best memories as a kid were sitting on my bed with a pile of comics in front of me. Burning thru those old issues from the garage sale collection. All thanks due to The Man (and daniel’s mom).

  • 10w ago emackphoto emackphoto

    @creaturehabits omg power couple!! So freaking cute 😭😭😭❤️

  • 10w ago creaturehabits creaturehabits

    @emackphoto They’re amazing ❤️

  • 10w ago emackphoto emackphoto

    @creaturehabits she’s so gorgeous need to sneak her a shoot one day hehe

  • 10w ago claregrant claregrant

    @creaturehabits YOU are! 😻

  • 10w ago claregrant claregrant

    @k_rad73 thanks for sharing!

  • 10w ago creaturehabits creaturehabits

    @claregrant 🥰😘😻❤️❤️ Girrrrrlllll

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