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I’ve been wearing hijab since 1987. I’ll do the math for you. I’m 43 now; I started wearing hijab when I was 11. I’ve been wearing hijab for 32 years Alhumdulillah. I remember the weekend I decided to wear hijab. There had been a Muslim youth conference at the masjid, and I had worn my hijab the whole weekend. It was then I knew I wouldn’t take it off. I felt it was part of me that day, and to remove it was to expose a part of me that should remain covered in public. That Sunday night, I went to play basketball in the neighborhood with my friend Carrie. In an act of supreme friendship, Carrie wore a hijab that evening too. A sign of support I didn’t fully appreciate until well into adulthood. Carrie’s scarf flapped in the breeze and eventually trailed around her neck as we played basketball. She offered to wear hijab with me to school on Monday. How did I have such amazing friends?!! Only Allah knows. My mother suggested she didn’t wear hijab with me, and so she didn’t. My first day was awful. I was nervous like you wouldn’t believe. I ended up leaving school early because I was sick (nerves maybe?) and threw up in the street on my walk home. Not pretty. When I got home, later that evening, my sister, Samiah, had a gift for me. A little tin can filled with treats. It was so touching. I still have it today. It took a couple of days to adjust to wearing hijab, but it’s been smooth sailing ever since. I was the only Muslim in school to wear hijab. And practically the only Muslim. My classmates were accepting and moderately curious and ultimately supportive. I never had trouble in school or out. Swipe to the left to see Carrie and me in high school back in 1993.
#worldhijabday is February 1st.

This post is inspired by Noor’s post on hijab @simplifyhomeschool
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The photos along the periphery are from 6th grade through 12th grade. Top left is from 2002 and the center one is from 2016.


  • 10w ago bekaldz bekaldz

    Wow abyeqr after i was born, masya Allah

  • 10w ago bekaldz bekaldz

    @bekaldz *a year

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    Masya Allah🤲

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    Masha'Allah beautiful story of hijab and friendship!

  • 10w ago gluestickmom gluestickmom

    💖 this! Wow! So glad to hear your classmates where accepting of it.

  • 10w ago leroux1987 leroux1987

    Mashallah what a lovely story ❤️

  • 10w ago fmusaliar fmusaliar

    I was always a fan at first sight but wallahi I have grown to love u more for sake of Allah ...may u grow to inspire many many more

  • 10w ago the_notsoperfect_family the_notsoperfect_family

    Beautiful story ❤️

  • 10w ago revertrosanna revertrosanna

    Ma sha Allah sister 💖 Im really wondering...Where is Carrie now? Or did you lose contact...

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    InShaAllah pls do share it in a video🌸

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    Love this so much. 💕 (I’m 43 as well 😊)

  • 10w ago just.soly just.soly

    I love hearing this story, thank you for sharing, there should be more of this!👍🏼

  • 10w ago supriya.barbhuiya.3 supriya.barbhuiya.3

    U look so beautiful,,,,,my mom lucks like U,,,,C IS Also 43,,

  • 10w ago pepperandpine pepperandpine

    @fmusaliar awe thank you ♥️♥️♥️

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    thank you for sharing!

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    MashaAllah! ❤️

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    This is so cute!!! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

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  • 10w ago ajwan.b ajwan.b

    Your beautiful in all stages .. mashallah .. god bless you & ur family

  • 10w ago nationsh85 nationsh85

    You are just getting more beautiful as the years go by! 😊 Thank you gor sharing you hijab journey with us. 😍

  • 10w ago allantatiana allantatiana

    I'm not a Muslim. But I admire you in so many ways. I proud and happy for you

  • 10w ago allantatiana allantatiana

    And I love your story about hijab. I did try hijab onse, becouse come of my friends did in college class., and I really love idea. It is have sense to me and I'm supportive to everyone who wearing hijab. I still have parts for it they gifted to me.

  • 10w ago allantatiana allantatiana

    In our culture we also cover our hair on older times. So I made our traditional outfit and use it as often, as I can... thank you, for sharing your story!!!

  • 10w ago williamsonwonders williamsonwonders

    @Pepperandpine You're an incredible woman both inside and out! Thank you for sharing this insight! (BTW This is Shannon, your extended cousin!!)

  • 10w ago itsmee_monica itsmee_monica

    What a beautiful story ❤️

  • 10w ago pepperandpine pepperandpine

    @williamsonwonders Shannon!! We haven’t seen each other since you visited LA in 1998!! I’m so glad you found me here, and that we’re reconnecting. ❤️❤️

  • 10w ago haneefa.n haneefa.n

    mashallah sister xxx

  • 10w ago bubble4243 bubble4243

    MashAllah your a good person. You write so well you should write professionally..

  • 10w ago sea.and.stone sea.and.stone

    I love it. My husband doesn't want me to wear hijab, unfortunately. I do my best to dress modestly regardless. Hopefully in the future he changes his mind. Thank you for sharing your story! It's inspiring! <3

  • 9w ago esmeralda_jennings esmeralda_jennings

    Your modesty is so inspiring! ❤️

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    ما شاء الله ❤️

  • 9w ago bundleof_wisdom bundleof_wisdom

    So so beautiful ma sha allah...apparently your hijaab has been the same all those years,not changed to any other forms like the turban etc which arent called hijab anyway !! So proud of you i am a niqaabi too may allah keep us steadfast in deen.

  • 8w ago laylahsclassroom laylahsclassroom

    Wow. Masha’Allah Hana. What a wonderful thing to look back on.

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    Masha Allah what an amazing story ❤

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    Mashallah 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️

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