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Take my hand and take me everywhere. Take me into your dreams. ☁️
#tbt Sartorial Cocktail - 1st event —> 09.01.2019 at the @tsh_florence 📍
W/ @fondation_defustel & @lanificiocerruti w/@visionchannelafrica @minardibelts @vimercatihats1953 @tecknomonster @theplayers_magazine
Really beautiful place, I loved the swings at the hotel entrance and the pleasant atmosphere at the event 🎶 amazing and thanks my friend @defustel !! 🌟 It was a pleasure chatting with you as always @makarova.visual 🎀 and was a pleasure take a picture with @jp.rodrigues @cabodemar & @lanificiocerruti !!
Thanks to the official photographer of the event @alessandromichelazzi (for the last 3 photos)💥 and thanks @studiodue_ph (for the other photos/vid) 📷


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