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I love this boy! I love this photo! We had a rough week of sickness and not eating, but the boy is back!! Apparently loving his smoothies! #RevelJames


  • 11w ago luri713 luri713

    Aw!!!! 😊😁 I know what you mean! My boy was sick too! It feels so much better when you see them happy and playing again. ❣️❤️

  • 11w ago karenmc2014 karenmc2014


  • 11w ago sev_cap86 sev_cap86

    Too cute 😍😍 my twins also going through sickness bug! (Sigh)

  • 11w ago lilymoseley16 lilymoseley16

    He’s so cute

  • 11w ago angiebeaton123 angiebeaton123

    Awe so cute!!!

  • 11w ago lfmccune7 lfmccune7

    What beautiful eyes!

  • 11w ago mitzyb44 mitzyb44

    Omg!!!! He is walking! He is adorable. I look forward to seeing when he starts to dance like his poppa.😍

  • 11w ago virgikarly1931 virgikarly1931

    Awwwww so adorable!!! @_matthew.morrison_

  • 11w ago staygorgeous101 staygorgeous101


  • 11w ago harmon5863 harmon5863

    Good boy. Now hope he will eat a good meal next time.

  • 11w ago sewsmwsup sewsmwsup


  • 11w ago maldomcma maldomcma

    So cute. Glad he is feeling better

  • 11w ago yosef_manullang yosef_manullang


  • 11w ago jordan_roth jordan_roth


  • 11w ago luliilopez_ luliilopez_

    Sooo cute ❤️😻

  • 11w ago kagrood kagrood

    I mustache you a question 😊

  • 11w ago jamieanderson95 jamieanderson95

    Too cute

  • 11w ago gleekiyofriends gleekiyofriends

    😂Haha!! Totally 🙌 Love this Boy!! Look a little mustache☺️ I’m so excited about his future 🕺💕

  • 11w ago fernandiux.rl fernandiux.rl

    @jessy_blablabla hey cuida a tu hijo

  • 11w ago taylorpaineee taylorpaineee

    his eyes🤩🤩

  • 11w ago oohshebomb oohshebomb


  • 11w ago chadwhidden chadwhidden

    Cutie pie

  • 11w ago jessy_blablabla jessy_blablabla

    @fernandiux.rl la bendicionnnnnn

  • 11w ago _brandont.99 _brandont.99

    He’s gonna start glee s7

  • 11w ago _brandont.99 _brandont.99

    Where’s miss pilsbury

  • 11w ago x_kelci_elizabeth_14_x x_kelci_elizabeth_14_x

    Aw he’s adorable 💖

  • 11w ago knuttonjemma knuttonjemma

    So adorable

  • 11w ago bungalowglow bungalowglow

    Peep at those peepers!! 👁👁😍

  • 11w ago poetry_by_lana poetry_by_lana

    Oh my gosh he’s growing up so fast 😮

  • 11w ago roseanneclark roseanneclark

    So happy Rev is feeling much better‼️😊

  • 11w ago roberta.korse roberta.korse

    The cutest little nugget 😍

  • 11w ago sharonnorrisnorman sharonnorrisnorman

    Looks like chocolate, and as the world knows, chocolate will fix pretty much everything :)

  • 11w ago triniherreraf triniherreraf


  • 11w ago zunesstone zunesstone

    He’s so precious

  • 11w ago jakesherman__ jakesherman__

    Please let this kid grow up to be the cory monteith of the next generation ❤️

  • 10w ago carlabella2020 carlabella2020

    Aww! That is sooo sweet! So like your good self Mathew! @_mathew.morrison_

  • 10w ago smay68 smay68

    I have been a fan for years, but what I like most now is getting to know you and @reneemmorrison and @_r.e.v.e.l.a.t.i.o.n_ as a family. You and Renee are two of the most level headed, down to earth, nicest people, and your son is too cute for words. Thank you both for sharing these glimpses with us. Thank you, @reneemmorrison, for sharing your motherhood journey. We've chatted before, and are always on the same page. I know we are kindred souls and would be fast friends if ever we met. ❤️ Today is my birthday! A shoutout from both of you would make my day!

  • 7w ago narusawakyoka narusawakyoka

    how lovely💙💙💙💙💙🎶😉💋💄

  • 7w ago dads_that_are_rad dads_that_are_rad


  • 6w ago elleliberachi elleliberachi

    Too cutr

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