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One of the most iconic and retold stories from World War I: the night the Germans and British lay down their arms, buried those who died in No Man’s Land trenches, sang Christmas Carols, and played soccer.⁣

Emmy Award-winner Charles Olivier’s Audible original audio play CHRISTMAS EVE, 1914, which was produced by Dawn Prestwich, is a fictionalized version of that evening.⁣

The play is short, just seventy-three minutes, but that’s more than enough time to take you on a melancholy trip through the hours leading up to the impromptu truce. ⁣

The story is told through a letter written by an officer to the family of a deceased soldier, and the cast does a brilliant job of creating recognizable characters in just a short amount of time. (This is important later when the unit appears on the verge of battle and chaos erupts.)⁣

I listened to this on a hike through Schenley Park in Pittsburgh, but I wish I would have been at home with the lights off, the candles lit, my dog, a drink, and the Bose sound system. This story felt like more like an immersive experience!⁣

Since we have a major snow and ice storm coming this week, I’m definitely going back and revisit the story. It’s that much fun.⁣
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    You have amazing content! Please send us message for how to be Featured in our BIG Poetry and Writing Accounts 👌

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    We just cancelled our Audible subscription in the name of frugality, darn you!!

  • 2w ago thebradking thebradking

    @angeleakarma 😂 I hike with Maxx the 🐕 several times a week so I definitely get my money's worth. But I'll tell you: I really like the full cast audible plays. I listen to them instead of watching television.

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