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There was a mini-burger and a mini-hot dog for lunch the other day. It made me ridiculously happy, after rice for every meal, every day, for 2 weeks. 😭


  • 2w ago makiwi makiwi

    #hospital #hospitalfood #japan #breadftw

  • 2w ago tarabu42 tarabu42

    @makiwi always breadftw - why is it so good?

  • 2w ago janos614 janos614

    It looks so much more filling, too.

  • 2w ago themouse themouse

    Hope you’re mending 🙏🤙

  • 2w ago kittiesofdarkness kittiesofdarkness

    It's the little things. ❤️

  • 2w ago hidengoshauna hidengoshauna

    Wishing you a speedy recovery ✨

  • 2w ago choytan choytan


  • 2w ago vyxle vyxle

    I had the same thing when I spent a couple months in the hospital in Japan! Bread for Sunday breakfast was the most sublime treat. I never would have thought I would be so excited for a slice of white bread and one of those squeezey jam/margarine packets!

  • 2w ago starlights86 starlights86

    Although I 💕rice too a break from it is great too 👍. Hope you are feeling better !

  • 2w ago tal00001 tal00001

    Hurrah for the little things

  • 2w ago teagrimm teagrimm

    That first bite of recovery is divine. Hope you're all mended soon!💝

  • 2w ago bunster10 bunster10

    Variety is the spice of life. Wishing you well and quicky healing!

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