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Stole this from @kmoremacro cuz yooooo it hits home .... TREATS NOT CHEATS . Say it with me TREATS. NOT. CHEATS . something I’ve been working very hard to adjust over the past year is my relationship with food . Now I looove food , ya girl never been the type to skip a meal BUT I haven’t had the healthiest relationship with it .
I’ve done everything from binging and using it to comfort myself , to restricting it to almost a dangerous point . I’ve used my ability to control my diet as a coping mechanism for other areas in my life I couldn’t . Even over the past year where I’ve had a very “ balanced “ diet I’ve still struggled with the concept of a “ cheat meal “ . I would eat soooo clean for 6 out of 7 days , then slam like a 3k calorie meal . GUYS THE GUILT . Lordy the guilt . Not only did my body not appreciate that but it was a total mind fuck . Soooo if you’re not happy with something change it . That’s what I did . A method that has been working very well for me is incorporate a few little TREATS a week into my macros . This keeps me from feeling so deprived that when I finally give in i go wayyyyyyy overboard . And for the first time in a long time , I don’t feel any guilt related to food . I am having calculated treats that aren’t hindering my progress and I got rid of that nasty “ CHEAT” word . It has really changed my relationship with food , so when I go on a date with my amazing boyfriend I can eat a slice or two of pizza , stop , enjoy it , feel satisfied with a reasonable quantity , and NOT BE MISERABLE . I wanna hear , do you have big cheat meals or enjoy more frequent small treats ??? #treatsnotcheats#healthyeating#macros#bodypositive#girlswholift#fitchick#flexibledieting#workhardplayhard#fitness#powerbuilding#watchmework


  • 12w ago fittattoomike fittattoomike

    Managing my “fun” meals and tracking them has made a huge change to my mentality and physique. Post soooo on point girl! I’m so damn proud of how far you have come

  • 12w ago kmoremacro kmoremacro

    @lifeaccording2_jax girl heart so full. I love the full circle you have made and the growth in how you view food is 🙌🏼 inspiring. Thank you for the love, you have blessed me today! Keep doing your thang girl 🤜🏼🤛🏼

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