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  • 4w ago jesse.long.921025 jesse.long.921025

    I want to do thin in my yard any advice ? Main concern is a auto shop is next door and i am worried about bees getting into antifreeze

  • 4w ago growingveterans growingveterans

    @jesse.long.921025 do it!! The bees have a pretty wide radius, around 5 miles. We have a shop near our farm and they donโ€™t mess with the stuff

  • 3w ago jesse.long.921025 jesse.long.921025

    @growingveterans nice glad to know i will thanks for the reply and advice if you need any clones come through one of these days if you're on the eastside i think spring and fall are good times not too sure I'm a novice lol

  • 3w ago jesse.long.921025 jesse.long.921025

    I can send you a list of all my plants and get you some clones if you're interested most are from this really cool nursury called garden of eden in SeaTac and everything he has is edible, I got the strains from him and i think most of his stuff comes from Cali, I'd be glad to donate some cuttings off of each type of plant lemme know if youre interested.

  • 3w ago graylssh graylssh

    bee happyโค๏ธ

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