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Not a whole lot of people would be excited about this 14” or so fish called the Cisco AKA Tullibee...but let me tell you, Jack and I were ecstatic! Paulina checked one off last year on her first try for them while Jack and I tried like four more times in nasty weather with only a few tullibee bites to show for it. Meanwhile, everyone else was like “hey man you haven’t caught a tullibee? I caught like 37 last week the hook couldn’t even make it down without catching one of those stupid things” and so forth. I felt like I was playing t-ball and couldn’t hit the ball...
This year (last weekend) we made the effort to target them and a huge shout out goes to @chadmorris5722 for letting us use his incredible shack (and his advice) on a windy day that would have been a struggle in my pop up tent. Jack caught his early...and since it hit on camera we knew it was the mighty Cisco and it was just as exciting as any 10 lb fish when he got it to the hole (they do fight amazing for their size!). That’s the joy of chasing new species and goals. After that he and @paulinaglodoveza both landed beautiful pike...and before you knew it it was almost time to leave (we only had time to fish the afternoon). I had two Cisco bites but not a fight. The guys fishing the previous day had caught a bunch of course. Maybe I’m just a bad fisherman. However, Chaddy had given me his guarantee I’d get one and that’s as good as it gets...10 minutes before we were about to start packing up some fish showed up on the flasher about 2/3 of the way down in the column and one hit my small PK flutterfish. When I got my hands on the Cisco it could have been a 5 lb brown trout I was so excited...when a fish becomes your nemesis it makes it that much sweeter to beat it. Great afternoon of fishing. If you’re looking for a good time at Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan talk to Chad Morris and his guides at Saskatchewan Outdoors. They can help get you on multiple species and big walleye but their forte is monster 40+” northern pike and they’ve got the pictures to back it. #cisco #ciscodisco #tullibee #icefishing #lastmountainlake #exploresask #saskatchewan #fishingsaskatchewan #northernpike

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